Eyewear Merchandising Tips from the Field #3 – Frame Selection


We have been getting lots of comments on our “Eyewear Merchandising Tips from the Field” so we are bringing you Eyewear Merchandising Tips from the Field #3 – Frame Selection.

flairEyewear consumers price shop and it is hard for the independent practice to compete.  The Internet has become the prime tool for this but not even the larger chains have all the models shown on their web sites. I know as I called and requested information about purchasing them and not one store within a 50 mile radius had any of the specific frame models I asked for that were featured on their web site. Try some more unique brands of eyewear and suggest that the consumer looks at yours as well. Flair from Optylux has some beautiful unique frames for example. wildflowerWalman has a great selection of national brands and provides excellent customer service.

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  1. I agree, the chains have the same brands, why support the comapanies that own them when there are so many quality, unique brands to choose from.

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