Eyewear Merchandising Tips For Spring 2016

Premier Optical summer Window Displays Summer Window Display gardinerdesign.com

Your fashion-savvy customers are already thinking spring and summer with these merchandising tips. To make sure you, your offerings, and your merchandising speak their language, here are some key trends in women’s fashion for the upcoming seasons.

We’ve included 7 major trends (from bgfashion.net), each followed by one of our own tips on how you can merchandise or play it up. Whether it’s the eyewear itself or merchandising props to make it pop, displaying in odd numbers (1, 3, 5) will grab the consumer’s attention.

Trend #1- PATTERNScreative experiments with geometrics, stripes, and checks.

Premier Optical summer Window Displays Summer Window Display gardinerdesign.com
Premier Optical summer Window Displays Summer Window Display gardinerdesign.com

Merchandising Tip: Great for sunwear, a grouping of these fun-patterned sunglasses would send the perfect reminder that spring is right around the corner.

Trend #2- FLORALS…fresh, ultra-feminine looks with a sophisticated appeal.

Merchandising Tip: Buy a mannequin. They’re easy to find online or from a local retailer who’s getting new ones. Dress her in floral fashions, combined with eyewear that says high style. Borrow the clothing from a local independent retailer, credit them for it, and offer eyewear for their displays in return.

Trend #3- ORGANICSprints with sophisticated, artistic undertones. Examples include: organic-inspired patterns and materials found in nature; gold silhouettes in leafy shapes; and abstract brush strokes resembling earthy or mineral surfaces.

Merchandising Tip: Buy fabric leaves. Arrange them on a bed of earth-tone material, and top the display with understated, sophisticated eyewear.

Image: Apartment Therapy
Image: Apartment Therapy

Trend #4-WATERCOLORSinfluenced by master painters, romantic watercolor prints plus blurry pastel-colored blooms, and pure white, canvas-like bases.

Merchandising Tip: Buy a tin or small jars of watercolor paints. They’re a great base or backdrop for a display of pastel frames or lens tints.

Image Credit: newglassesplus.com
Image Credit: newglassesplus.com

Trend #5-SLOGANS…amended and imperfect slogans cut off mid-phrase, plus scribbled motifs and doodles.

Merchandising Tip: Vinyl signage and lettering are naturals for this. Pick a phrase, a trend, a few favorite words. Vinyl is inexpensive and easy to order (signarama.com is one source), plus, it’s simple to put up and take down.

Trend #6-BEADING…embellishments to the max: heavily beaded patterns for women, plus lacy, delicate beading for juniors.

Merchandising Tip: Is there a bead store nearby? Buy some in a mix of colors, textures, and sizes. Spread them like sand and display like-colored frames nearby

Trend #7- ACCESSORIES…over-beaded textures as well as dripping-in-jewels looks. From glittery geometrics to splashy gems in eye-popping colors like yellow, accessories for spring are anything but understated.


Merchandising Tip: Have a frame in yellow? Display it by a glass jar filled with jewel-toned bobbles, or hang it next to a glam necklace.

When it comes to merchandising, never, ever throw props away. You can re-mix, re-paint, and re-use them time and time again.

So, what fashion trends do you see ahead? What do you think will be hot for spring? Please tell us and join the conversation on Shamir’s Facebook page here.

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