Eyewear Lens Colors, Mirror Coats and Optical Benefits – Free Chart


I am busy packing for a ski trip and checking I have sunglasses with different lens colors, not just amber and gray. I also have custom sunclips for my Rx eyewear. This activity reminded me that I am  always being asked by friends and family to explain the benefits of different lens colors and the optical benefits but  I am hard pressed to remember them all.  I am OK with gray, amber and the basics but then I get confused. I found a really good” lens color cheat sheet” in a Wiley X catalog and thought it would be good to share! It is shown at the end of this post or you can download the PDF from the 2011 WileyX catalog, it is on Page 7.

Having a system such as Chemistrie distributed by Santinelli makes it possible to offer your patients different color custom sunclips for different light conditions. I am really glad I have my custom sunclips so I can pack light!

Snapshot of Opticote Mirror Chart

Another great dispensing tool to use is the new Opticote Mirror Chart  just in time for the sunwear selling season.  It explains the benefits of mirror coats and different lens coatings really well.  Anyone interested in obtaining a copy or multiples just needs to contact Opticote directly and they will mail whatever quantity you need, of course within reason. This Mirror chart which is a z fold 8.5” by 25” is available at no charge including shipping. I would definitely take advantage of this offer. The picture shown above is a snapshot of just part of it, you really need to see it as the chart is very well done and consumer friendly.

Eyewear Lens Color Guide:

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