Eyewear Innovators: Tura Celebrating 75 Years Of Business


In the last 75 years there are have been numerous eyewear innovators. We consider Tura one of the first eyewear innovators in the United States. They were the first to start advertising in Vogue Magazine, they were the first to introduce Eyewear as a Fashion Accessory, they were the first to promote fashion colors, they were the first to do eyewear Trunk Shows. While they were not the first to introduce jeweled eyewear, we would have to go back to the Chinese in the 1600’s, they were the first to promote Luxury Eyewear in the USA. They were to first to introduce the Turaette, a multi-function eyeglass and headband. They had aluminum frames, wood frames, solid gold frames and a memory  metal.. They are true optical innovators.

This year 2013 they are celebrating 75 years of business and are one of the oldest eyewear companies in the United States.  Over the years, some of their top sellers have been the Tura 311, anyone remember their faceted frame? Anyone remember their 3 ringed eyeglasses?

Paying homage this is one of their first ads in Vogue Magazine:

1950’s Tura Ad in Vogue Magazine
1950’s Vintage Tura Ad in Vogue Magazine

Anyone remember these?

Available on Etsy

Remember the scarves? This is a vintage Scarf from Tura.. saying I love you in 12 languages.

Vintage-Tura -Scarf

As someone who has been in the optical industry for 35 years.. I could probably go on and on about the Tura Culture, they were the first to hire women and in fact only had women sales reps. The women could not wear pants.. they had to dress up everyday.. (This was the old days) These women did trunk show after trunk show.. and built up a brand of Tura Groupies…

Well I could go on and on.. do any of you have any Tura Stories? If so please share!

You can see more about Tura here at The History of Tura Eyewear.

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