Eyewear History: Eyewear Innovations 1946- 1950


1946 Popular Science  Radio Eyes Teleran – “radio eyes” for blind flying! Teleran (a contraction of TELE-vision — Radar Air Navigation) collects all of the necessary information on the ground by radar, and then instantly transmits a television picture of the assembled data to the pilot aloft in the airplane. On his receiver the pilot sees a picture showing the position of his airplane and the position of all other aircraft near his altitude. This is superimposed upon a terrain map complete with route markings, weather conditions and unmistakable visual instructions to make his job easier…. Source 

1948 Here is a SunShade Patent 

Photo: www.klasik.org

1955 Mechanix Illustratred November 1955.  This actually wasn’t an innovation, since the Aleuts were wearing snowblind goggles for hundreds of years. But Aleut or Eskimo Eyewear become popular again in the 50’s.

SLIT SPECS, originated by the Eskimos, are considered the most on Canadian ski slopes these days. Glassless, slits guard against sun’s glare. This pair costs $20.

Today’s Eyewear Innovations is Sponsored by Zyloware, who was in business at the time of this.


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