Eyewear Habits of Refractive Surgery/Lasik Patients


The Vision Councils latest study was on the  2011 Eyewear Habits of Refractive Surgery / LASIK Patients (click for full report)

In June of 2011, The Vision Council’s Research Department, delved into the VisionWatch database to determine how previous refractive surgery patients are using various forms of eyewear and vision correction. They also wanted to examine how the usage and buying habits of consumers who have had refractive surgery in the past varied from typical vision correction users who have not had any type of refractive surgery procedure. They  were able to examine the eyewear and eye care habits of over 4,200 US adults who reported having had a LASIK or refractive surgery procedure at some point in the past. They were able to compare the usage and purchasing habits of the general adult population with the usage and purchasing habits of all surgery patients. Detailed cross tabs of LASIK / refractive surgery patients by gender, income and time elapsed since surgery are available for further detailed analysis.



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