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Is the future of eyewear as we know it going away? I don’t think so, but for those eyecare innovators, this might be the time to add in a whole new category of eyeglasses: We call it Tech-Eye.  Check out some of the specialized glasses that can help you drive to managing emotions!  You can visit more Eyewear and Vision of The Future on our Pinterest Board 
Test Drive Eyewear

Sensory Deprivation Eyewear – Sensory Deprivation Headphones Block Out Sight for Heightened Listening


Sunglasses For Winter – SEQINETIC Sun-glasses for Winter Use The cold winter makes you suffer but you don’t know why? Well, according to scientific researches, the reason


Protective Lazer Eyewear – Laser pointers may be great fun to tease the cat with, but for pilots they are a major hazard. The United States FAA reports over 2,000 incidents every year of planes having lasers pointed at them – some of them powerful enough to pop a balloon. To combat the danger that lasers pose to aviation, the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MoD) is developing new eye wear that can filter out a wide range of laser wavelengths


Mnemosline- Eyewear For Remembering
Eyeglasses that stimulate alpha brain waves and improve memory. No, it’s not an accessory for superheroes but the outcome of 10 years’ research by Francesco Ferro Milone of Vicenza, the former head of neurology who is now 85 and has created a device called Mnemosline. Instead of lenses, the glasses have two red LEDs with light impulses that increase alpha wave activity to help memory recovery


Emotion Sensing Eyewear – Being actually tested today in Mt Sinai Hospital in New York are 02Amps, eyewear that utilizes the perception of colors for doctors to ‘read’ between the lines with their patients and help filter in examinations.


Dieting Eyewear


Jet Lag Eyewear or The Re-Timer 



Sanpei- Audio Adaptable Eyeglasses

Source: vimeo.com via Optical on Pinterest


Fraunhofer’s OLED data glasses


Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 to give Google Glass a run for its money, out by 2013


Move Eye Tarsier, Inc. unveiled a unique hand gesture recognition technology called MoveEye™ at DEMO, a leading technology conference in Silicon Valley. MoveEye™ allows for efficient hand gesture interaction with TVs and other large screen devices using a special pair of eyewear. Unlike other gesture technologies, MoveEye™ can locate exactly where on screen the user wants to interact with, which makes products like Microsoft’s Kinect seem too imprecise



Text Eyewear– Inspired by the Google’s Project Glass, computer programmer Will Powell has built a prototype real-time translation system that listens to speech, translates it into one of 37 languages, and then displays the resulting text as subtitles directly onto the user’s glasses.


Uvex AcoustiMaxx™ Eyewear Delivers Eye Protection And Hands-Free Voice Communication | Products | Manufacturing.net

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