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We have posted a few surgical videos in the past, mainly the different Like The Fishhook Extraction surgery. While many videos are on Vimeo or YouTube, there is a site that is dedicated just to eye videos, so you don’t have to keep clicking through 1000’s of YouTube’s. From  Eye Tube. net (Bryn Mawr Communications )

Eyetube.net is ophthalmology’s leading source for high-quality, full-narrated ophthalmic surgical videos. The Web site was created by a panel of experts to better educate ophthalmologists through the online archiving and sharing of videos. Our mission is to foster a secure, engaging physician community across all sub-specialties powered by user-generated content, whether it be videos, discussion threads, or blogs.

Eyetube’s ophthalmology video library is highly organized to help you find the surgical technique or product demonstration that you want to watch. Find archived content from the latest webcasts, symposia, and roundtables focusing on ocular health and practice management. Integrated social networking features allow you to connect with authors and peers in Eyetube’s global community to advance patient care and promote innovation. We encourage you to explore the video library and share your ideas and experiences.

Eyetube.net is a collaborative project produced by the trusted publishers of Advanced Ocular Care, Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today, Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe, Glaucoma Today, Retina Today, and EyewireToday.com. Eyetube relies on the guidance of our medical board to uphold the integrity of the video archive.

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