eyeRead- Deception By Jonathan Kellerman


It seems like once authors get successful, their books become the same old thing. It’s like they sign a book contract to whip out x amount of books every year and all of a sudden they have writers block and revert back to a tired storyline. The books get shorter and you feel like ‘haven’t I read this before?’. One author, Jonathan Kellerman in his Alex Delaware series does seem to keep the storyline fresher. You have Milo, the aging, gay, overeating, rough detective (that doesn’t change) and Dr. Delaware (patient and perceptive) who deals with troubled kids solving murders throughout Los Angeles.

Deception: An Alex Delaware Novel (Alex Delaware Novels) the newest book is the story of a wealthy prep school teacher who is dead by suicide or murder. The search to solve the case takes both Alex Delaware and Milo through the connected, rich and political morass of Los Angeles schools and police department.

A good summer read, especially if you like Alex Delaware novels- the only tired part is is Milo constantly eating the amount he does and Alex Delaware patience with Milo gulping down food at every opportunity.

Available on Amazon from $2.99 to $19.oo- Can order it here Deception: An Alex Delaware Novel (Alex Delaware Novels)

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