eyeHow To Have A Lady Gaga Eyewear Party

CD, Lace, Ribbon and more

As some of you may know, we are having a Lady Gaga Eyewear Contest, make your own wacky eyewear and win $50! You may think, this is a hassle and expensive but I am here to tell you it is not!

This is how to have a Lady Gaga eyewear party either at your home or the office. First the only cost was food and wine, the eyewear was donated (but you probably have old eyewear that can be re-used) the rest was scraps and of course glue.

It’s fun and it’s easy to do:


  • Glue gun and Elmers glue, gorilla glue…
  • Scraps of material, tissue paper, ribbon, felt, leftover zippers
  • Buttons, gems, pearls, dental floss, thread, nuts and bolts
  • Any miscellaneous items you have laying around the house, that you can glue onto eyewear.
  • Old T-shirts, lace, jeans, old lingerie can be ripped apart and reused.
  • Decals, stickers
  • Duct tape, scotch tape, blue tape etc..
  • Needle and thread, scissors


  • Send email out to friends patients and co-workers with date and time. Ask them to bring glue gun, old
Made from an old Christmas ribbon and sewed-plaited to make a flower

glasses, safety eyewear and any scraps, ribbons etc.. Prep time: 10 minutes max.

  • Decide on Food: We did salad, taquitos and wine. Prep time: 20 minutes max.
  • Cover table or set up tables; Prep time; 1 hour max
  • Lay out all the materials: Prep time- 15 minutes max)
  • Give everyone eyewear; Prep time: 1 minute
  • Let um go
  • Laugh
  • Take pic
Broken zipper, old girdle and Snoopy decal

There are several ways you can have a Lady Gaga Eyewear Party

  1. At home with friends- Fun thing to do with your friends, can post on FB, Tweet and use as display in the office.
  2. At the office with your co-workers- good team-building event with co-workers and can also use on FB, Tweet and display in office.
  3. At the office for and with your patients- Have an event, put out a bunch of tables, have a contest, get testimonials, drive those patients back to your office. Take pics, put on website, blog, FB and Twitter. Shows you are an eye-fluencer and can bond with patients.

We hope you will participate in our Lady Gaga Eyewear Contest, we will be posting winners on FB and the blog.  Thank you to Fitovers for supplying the $50 prize. All you have to do is email us a picture or two of your Lady Gaga inspired creations before March 8. It doesn’t take that much preparation and I guarantee you will laugh and have a good time.

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