Eyehow: Q’s Eyewear Look


My niece Taylour really wanted the eyeglasses worn by Ben Whishaw as “Q’ In the James Bond movie, Skyfall. We found several frames that had the look, including Modern Optical Big Twist, ClearVision Optical Marc Ecko Cut and Sew – The Alex and Frieze Frames Heritage Paul Richard.

She looked at lots of frames and ended up choosing OGI Eyewear’s Seraphin Kipling as it was small enough for her face and as she pointed out to me,  it has the “thicker” bridge. I think she looks great in it, what do you think? Plus she decided to try photochromic lenses, these  are AugenSOL from Augen Optics and she tells me she loves them, saying “they go from dark to light very quickly!”

Taylour in OGI's Kipling and Ben Whishaw as "Q"
Taylour in OGI’s Kipling and Ben Whishaw as “Q”


Whose “Look” are your optical customers asking for?

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  1. Amazing range of eyewear, it is just very perfect. The curves in it are the main sets which are enhancing it’s look and making the one wearing it more attractive.

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