eyeHow: Fix Broken Acetate Glasses


Broke your acetate glasses? Here’s how to fix them This method will only work for pure acetate frames, and not regular plastic frames; they are different! View this video to find out the difference:

Aspire MidPage June 19


  1. Nice video. I learned to make glue 37 years ago out of the clear portion old plastic frames. You cut slivers of the clear frames into a small bottle of acetone. In 24 hours it creates the best glue to repair plastic frames.If the frame breaks in the bridge, which is the most common breakage area, drill small holes on both sides of inside of broken bridge. Then cut out paper clip in proper size and use glue on both ends of paper clip. Then place glued paper clip on both sides of broken bridge. Squeeze together and use the acetone glue to also put in the connection of broken bridge and let set for at least an hour. You can help set up by placing frame on the cold setting of air frame warmer.
    The other thing that the video did not say was that if you rub acetone on the frame with your finger, your finger will turn white.

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