Eyeglass Lens Sculptures By Rhona Gedge


How many sunglass lenses do you thrown away? Inside of throwing them away you can send them to Rhona Gedge an artist who is reusing optical lenses and creating optical lens sculptures. These were made with recycled lenses. some with prescriptions in there which will change the perception of the view.  She says: ‘I am intrigued by how the eye works, how it records, and breaks down visual information in the brain. Seeing is something we do automatically and subconsciously. Using light, glass, acrylic plastics, photography etc I aim to create an experience that links together science and art with an effect that enables people to explore how incredible our sense of perception is.’

Rhona Gedge-1

Rhonda- Gedge


rhona Gedge Art 3

Rhona gedge art 5


Rhona Gedge Art 4


See more about her and her lens Art here. 

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