Eyeglass Inspired Decor


Linda Chalem who reps for Classique Eyewear sent us the cutest eyeglass decor or pillows. This comes via Shelter Pop

ome: Shades Beach Towel, $50, kate spade new york, 800-519-3778 For Your Face: Glasses: 04N BF6-5P1 by Prada, $245
Classique Eyewear- Moxie Girls Style 2265
For Your Home:Antique Spectacles Tray, $64, Ben’s Garden For Your Face: 2388S by Persol, $205
For Your Home: Miss Shady pillow by Tara Bernerd, $315, The Rug Company (therugcompany.info for locations) For Your Face: CH 3210 763 by Chanel, $340, ILORI
Classique Eyewear- K-Actor Style KS6007
For Your Home: Sunglasses Pillow, $35, Switchbladeandcookie For Your Face: Persol PO2996V 95 by Persol, $265, ILORI
Classique Eyewear- Lisa Loeb, Style Everydat
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