EyeFo-Graphic- Birds Eye View Of Optical Professionals


If you haven’t seen this already – VisionWeb and VisionMonday put together this really fun Eye-Fographic on what bird are you? I always wanted to be dolphin and never thought too much about birds, except the doves that keep nesting in my ferns and killing them.. The question arises then, what bird are you?

Aspire MidPage June 19


  1. This reminded me of a story I heard many years ago. This farmer had the most beautiful horse in the world. He started having a problem with the horse that he couldn’t solve, however. He couldn’t keep birds from nesting in the horses mane. He went to every verternarian he could think of, in fact he went half way around the world(this was before google,btw) trying to find the solution to his perplexing problem. Finally, in disgust he goes to his neighbor, another farmer asking him if he would be interested in buying his horse. The neighboring farmer was surprised, he said “Do you mean the most beautiful horse in the world? He stated in the affirmative, once again explaining that he couldn’t keep birds from nesting in his horses mane. The neigbor farmer said “Why didn’t you come to me in the first place? All you have to do is spread yeast on his mane once a week and in a month your problem will be solved! Sure enough, the farmer tried it, and it worked. Do you know the moral of this story? Scroll Down

    Yeast is yeast, and west is west, and nary the twain shall meet!

  2. Has anyone else told a wonderful joke and blown the punchline, just like I did in the aforementioned joke above? I hope there are others that have taken the risk to tell what you felt was an appropriate joke just to suffer the humiliating embarrassment of blowing the punchline. If not, I strongly advise doing it at least once. It’s the best way to stay grounded realizing that one may not be quite the person we purport ourselves to be.
    Not that it matters now, but the last line of the above joke(the punchline) should read:

    Yeast is yeast and west is west, but nary the mane shall tweet.

    If there are any that still don’t get the joke now, well, you are probably young enough to be my child.

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