Eyedrops In Place of Eyewear?


As far-fetched as this scenario might have seemed yesterday, it could become a reality tomorrow.  A team of Ophthalmologists at the Shaare Zedeck Medial Center and Bar-Ilan University Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials have developed eye drops that have been found to repair the corneas in pigs. This nanoparticle solution called “nanodrops” have been found to repair corneas and improved both the short and long-sightedness of the test pigs. Human trials are set to begin later this year.

According to Dr. David Smadja, the research team leader, the eyedrops could revolutionize the treatment of patients suffering from myopia, hyperopia, and other conditions. In order for the nanodrops to work as intended, patients first need to launch an app which would measure their eyes’ refraction. This would provide data on how much adjustment needs to be made. Then a laser pattern would be created and “stamped” on the corneal surface of the eyes through a surgical procedure. The nanodrops will later be applied for the finishing touch.

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