Eyecare Websites We Like- Ballard Vision Associates

Alan Ballard OD

This weeks review of optical websites is a little more traditional in nature, Nashville optometrist, Ballard Vision Associates (Alan Ballard OD) First the site loads very fast, always good, especially when you have blinking pictures on the home page. The Search button and patient log in are at the top, which is a little funky, but it is easy to find. But I love the tabs and the only bad thing I will say- they should open in a new window, otherwise you have to hit the back tab and forget it. new windows keep you on the home page.

MEye Home, Articles. Office Forms, Our Clinic, Request Appointment, Refer a Friend (Fantastic)  Media Center (Open in new window is a little funky, now quite sure what that is about and Links – Links are important to any website, google loves links and the more links you have on your site, the better it is for you. They actually put our sister consumer friendly eyeblog site opticalvisionresources.com up on the link page.

I like the top 50 Articles but probably would narrow it down to top 5 articles on eye health, top 5 on contact lenses etc.. Nobody is going to read all 50 articles or scroll through them all. Love the Video section and there are plenty of YouTube eyecare videos available to pick from.

The location section is perfect -right front and center,  I don’t want to search for an address or office hours and contact information.

I would beef up the ‘The Latest Optical Services’, eyewear brand names are mentioned, but there is plenty of room to romance the eyewear and contact lenses. You want to get in as many eyewear brands with links as you can. They will show up in search engines. So if you were looking for Wiley X Eyewear in Nashville, Dr. Ballards office would show up. In fact under the News (which needs to be updated)  you could put in new products tidbits about the eyewear carried and even newsy happenings in the office.

All in all the site is clean and easy to navigate always important, the keyword content is good as well. The other thing that is probably not good, is the website is ballardvision.net. When you click on the home page it goes to/www.eyeconx.com/patient/FormsLogin.asp?/patient/meyesite.asp/- and don’t know why, because google will not read that right- it’s a re-direct, not a good thing. So when you are having your website done or redone it should say www.ballardvision.net/home or /patientlogin. so google can read it and it will show up in search engines.

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