EyeCare Video Marketing

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In digital tip #45, I explained why it’s time to start using video to promote your Practice. Effectively employing video to enhance your eyecare practice marketing requires strategy and planning.

While there is no limit to the number of or possibilities for the videos you can create, you want to approach each one with a professional and organized method. First you need to decide what you want your video to accomplish. Here are some questions to answer to get you moving in the right direction:

  1. Is there a specific type of patient you are targeting in your community?
  2. Is there a specialty, a procedure or service you are looking to promote?
  3. Are there particular frame styles, products or equipment you would like feature?
  4. Is there something unique about your own expertise or staff member skill set that you need to be able to communicate on video?
  5. What areas of your Practice and which staff members do you want to be sure to include in the footage?

Once you have answered those questions and have a better idea of the strategy you want to take with your marketing video you can decide what you want your video to be about.  While some Optometrist and Opticians like to start with an introduction to the office, others chose to focus on particular topics that can educate clients about a product or service or eye care in general. Here are a few ideas to get your creative wheels churning.

  • Welcome video to introduce yourself and your Practice to your visitors while highlighting the areas you specialize in, the unique products you have available or the exceptional services you provide. Think about things that your Practice offers that are different from your competitors.
  • Use video to let your audience know about things that are important to your Practice. Our client, Tutt Street Optometry, used a philanthropic trip to illustrate their deep commitment to helping others in need.     • se your video to help with patient education. There’s information that could be beneficial to your patients that you don’t have time to review with them… Are there things that you need to say to your patients or educate them about?
  • Make a video to educate potential patients on a specific area of interest, or tutorial such as inserting content lenses, proper care for lenses or alleviating eye allergies.
  • Offer potential patients an inside look into your specialty, such as Ortho-K and what they can expect on their first visit.
  • Spotlight a new line of eyewear or eyewear for sports or particular lifestyle.
  • Provide educational content that is tied in with your Practice’s recent blog or an article post that has broad consumer appeal/interest.
  • General vision correction or specific information about eye health and protection
  • Before you shoot your video, you need to make sure you are prepared. Our next digital tip will include a checklist for creating a professional video that will be sure to attract attention.

Need some help planning your marketing video strategy? Our marketing experts are here for you. Contact Daniel at Daniel@eyecarepro.net or phone (412) 532-6542.      

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