Eyecare Video Marketing: Create a Successful Video/Photo Shoot


Want to make sure your Eyecare Practice looks its best on camera? Well, you should want to, because as we Daniel Rostennementioned in our last two digital tips, photos and video marketing are going to attract a lot of attention to your Practice, so you want to “dress to impress” so to say.

Looking your best means more than just sharp dress of course. There are a lot of details that should go into making sure everything about your appearance on your video and photos looks professional, from the people to the background to the sound quality.

Here is a basic checklist for how and what to prepare for your video or photo shoot:

1)  Clean the office/area of the shoot.

  • Make sure the area is clean and clutter free.
  • Check for and remove anything that may be distracting.
  • Ensure there are no personal items you don’t want to be seen.
  • Remove anything with confidentiality status.

2)  Prepare attire for team members and doctors.

  • Solid color clothing is best, stay away from busy printed tops and bold stripes or exceptionally bright reds or yellows.
  • If your team has a uniform, make sure everyone is wearing it. If they don’t, consider asking everyone to wear the same color scheme.
  • Make sure clothing is clean and wrinkle-free.
  • You do not need a professional hair and makeup artist but do make hair neat and make sure your face is not too shiny.

3)  Create your set.

  • Consider adding props if needed; doctors equipment/tools, eyewear props or anything else that will enhance the photo or video story.
  • Invite extras (other people) to make for more interesting pictures or video such as your spouse, friends and neighbors. Make sure everyone has a signed release form. Here’s a handy model release form.
  • Test the lighting. Depending on the time of day there might be certain angles or places in the office that will create a glare. It is better to test this out prior to the day of the shoot so you make sure you set up in the right location.
  • Also think about the sound in your office and try to schedule the shoot at the quietest time and in an undisturbed setting. If you know 10 am is a popular time for phone calls or deliveries don’t schedule your shoot for that time.

4)  Practice your script.

  • Knowing and preferably memorizing what you are going to say will not only make the video shoot go much faster and more smoothly, but you and your staff will be more confident and be able to articulate your message fully.

When it comes to video and photo shoots for your Practice marketing, being prepared is the key to success, especially for those who are camera shy. Once you go through the process the first (or second) time, it will start to be more natural and maybe even fun!

Need some help planning your marketing video strategy? Our marketing experts are here for you. Contact Daniel at Daniel@eyecarepro.net or phone (412) 532-6542.

Aspire MidPage June 19