Eyecare Technological Future-Social Media/App Stats


I posted this about a year and a half ago. For those who want to know what the technological future will bring, check out the stats:

More Eyecare Vendors will be developing apps for not only customer service but to drive the consumer to their brands.

Apps especially for eyecare providers will become the ‘norm’. Apps to check in patients, apps for recall, apps for HIPPA. The software/app is already there it is just a matter of implementation.

App For Trying on Eyewear

Lens Apps

  • Shamir is releasing a new app for iPad

Contact Lens Apps

  • Metro Optics has contact lens app.
  • Optical
  • Contact Lens Tracker
  • Lens Tracker Pro
  • Contact Lens Toric (Bausch and Lomb)
  • Lens Gauger
  • Contact Lens Shoppe

Eye Exams

  • At Home Eye Exams
  • Random Eye Chart
  • iExam
  • EyeXam
  • A Simple Eye Exam
  • Eye Exam Photography


Eyecare Retailer Apps are coming out as well. In addition- many eyewear retailers as well as wholesalers are selling music on their sites.

iPads and other like computers, will become increasingly common and will most probably be used by eyecare professionals for checking in patients, signing HIPPA forms, recall information and of course in the exam chair. All technology will be driven by Smart Phones and iPads.

Something to think about.

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