Eyecare Store Within An Eyecare Store Concept


What is a store within a store concept? You have seen it, walk into any grocery store and you can see Starbucks, Florist, Balloons, Bakery, Organic Food, Banks, Magazine Rack even furniture. That is the basis of a Store Within A Store Concept.

All over retail stores are picking up the retail trend of ‘stores within stores’ to attract shoppers, keep shopping convenient, increase profits and sales with vendors.

How can the eyecare professional take advantage of the shopping trend of a store within a store? The first step is to re-think your positioning and re-look at products you offer and consistently change your office to reflect trends, featured vendors, seasons and markets and products you offer.

What does it take? A little time, a plan and signage.


Note, blue theme, store within store, photo: www.pwcertified.com

Some Suggestions For Store WithIn a Store Display and Concepts

Dry Eye Center: A huge marketing opportunity.

Low Vision Center

  • Obviously your patients are coming to you because they have low vision problems, but think about task specifice offerings such as Magnifiers, readers, task lighting are excellent ways to offer your patients low vision aids
  • Rons Optical, Amcon, Hilco, Cocoons Eyewear (low vision filtered eyewear)

Stress Reduction Center

  • Who is not stressed? Americans spend billions on trying to reduce stress, let your patients know you can help them as well.
  • Biosyntrx

Road Warrior Center


  • Millions of Americans travel by car, train, bus or airplane. Why let now let them buy eyecare supplies from you.
  • Amcon, Hilco, Nanofilm, Rons Optical, Cocoons Eyewear, Jonathan Paul, SwitchVision, Biosyntrx


Clear Optometry Combines Optical With Yogurt. Photo: www.eyeoverheard.com

Skin Cancer Prevention Center

Event Center

  • This can be anything from Trunk Shows, Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, Sports-Super Bowl, Glaucoma Day, Back To School, World Sight Day, Earth Day
  • Holidays- Pull together Red and Pink eyewear for Valentines Day, Green and Gold for St. Patricks Day, Red and Green for Xmas. There are many holidays to consider and it will definitely add zing to the office

Gift Center

Eye Health Center

  • Why not let them know about important eye health issues and quality of life with  preventive health products in your office.
  • Biosyntrx, Cosmetics – Cancer center, hats, Rons Optical,  Vizini that clip to eyewear , sunscreen, Sleep Masks

Lens Center

Eco Eyecare or a Give Back Center (such as Eyes of Faith)

Luxury Center

Sports- Performance Center

  • Sports performance eyewear and Nanofilm Clarity DeFog, SwitchVision, Wiley X, Costa Del Mar,
  • Lenses coating i.e. mirrored and other types of performance coatings

Contact Lens Center-

  • Many offices put contact lenses in the back and there is nothing out in front featuring speciality contact lenses such as theatrical, custom, hand-painted CLs, plus all the variety in contact lens cases and solutions.

Different Types of Eyewear

  • Rock Star Eyewear, Hip Hop Eyewear, Goth Eyewear, Vintage  Eyewear, Bling Eyewear
  • If you are carrying brands by Rock Stars or even celebrities, put them together for an Oscar or Grammy Store within a Store.
  • Flower Power Eyewear- Flower decor on temples are a growing optical trend. Put some flowers together with signage ‘Flower Power’ and arrange your eyewear with flower decor.
  • Vintage- Retro look- With wayfarer look alikes abounding in eyecare land, they pretty much look all the same on frame boards. Take a few and showcase just a few under signage Retro or Vintage. If you have old frames sitting in boxes from years ago, you might consider re-displaying them as well.
  • Bling Center- Showcase eyewear with stones

Color Center-

  • You can go back to Color Me concept because nothing is more eye-catching than featuring the Color Of The Month: Coming into summer, feature turquoise and pastels.

Rent A Sunglass Center

  • Any Sunglass vendor

Technology Center (The Future Look Of Eyecare)

  • Put in some 3D eyewear, video eyewear, iphone apps.

Fantasy Center-

  • It’s the middle of Winter, why not do a California Dreamin Center. Fill it with Sunglasses, Fantasy Masks, sunscreen

The possibilities are endless of what you can do to spruce up your eyecare office and profits. Take a few minutes and a gander around your office and let your imagination run wild.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage


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