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Are you an eyecare professional who wants to go to Vision Expo East 2015 in New York ? Would you like to win Three Free Hotel Nights* at Vision Expo East 2015? vision-east

Make a comment below and tell us either 1.) Why you should win and or 2.) Your favorite Trade Show Story (any trade show)

It is EASY! To Win!  Make a Comment below For a Chance to Win 3 FREE NITES


Comments Need To Made by February 1, 2015. Winners will be picked on February 6, 2015.

Vision Expo East is the largest, most all-inclusive ophthalmic conference in the world, the best value of all CE. The Conference dates for Vision Expo East 2014 are Education: March 19-22, 2015 and Exhibits: March 20- 22 at the Javits Center, New York, NY.

Please tell us your story and win!

* Not all comments will win. Winners will be selected by The Optical Vision Site and International Vision Expo. Comments received after 2.01.15 will not be eligible for this promotion. Show management to choose and book accommodations at an official show hotel.

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  1. As a future optometrist, I appreciate that our service embraces a balance of art and science. What makes this profession so amazing is that we are able to blend personal expression and top-quality vision, all within a single pair of frames. With technological innovation claiming a greater presence today than ever before, it can now be combined with clinical knowledge to provide the highest level of eye care. Vision Expo delivers this experience first-hand. You can toggle through images of high-definition fundus photos on “retinal display” touch-screen monitors right next to receiving a private tutoring session on Google Glass. Click my name to see me (on the left) and my classmate transform into tech-savvy luminaries at Vision Expo West. By winning the hotel nights, I could liberate one of my friends from their clinical books and introduce them to this exciting world of optometric commerce. In addition, it would make a great reward for completing our NBEO Part I exam. I can’t wait to see what new innovations and styles will be revealed at Vision Expo East 2015!

  2. I have been an optician for over 20 years and have always wanted to go to the NYC Vision Expo!! My favorite memory from the East-West Eye Conference was visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

  3. Going to the VEE is like a gift I make myself. It’s is full of JOY that i’ve attend twice the show, the first time I was graduating as an optician and last year I went after 3 years of professional practice. Before attending, I told myself it would be so nice to meet designer from my favorite brands. I also wished to meet an icon optician from L.A I admire: Julie Gogosha, from Gogosha Optic. After only an hour in the Galleria, I was introduce to her, at the Selima Optique both. I was so HAPPY to tell her she was a model optician for me and I had so much admiration for her (I’m following her on social media). The following day, I had the chance to attend Selima private party with awesome people. #VEE2014 was MEMORABLE and I’m sure #VEE2015 will be even more exciting.

  4. I work for a non-profit organization whose mission is to screen, treat, save, and restore sight and hearing, in partnership with Lions Clubs, in order to prevent blindness and deafness for those in need. We received a grant from Sight First last August which allowed us to go to Vision Expo West and purchase two edgers and various other equipment and supplies. We are in the process of setting up our finishing lab in order to edge glasses for low income individuals through Lions Clubs throughout the state of Oregon. Our three year projection is to make glasses in year one, set up mobile daignostics in year two, and open the optical boutique to benefit the charitable lab by year three. The plan was for myself and our Optical Program Director, Kelly Asbra, to go to Vision Expo West in September, but she just found out she is having a baby, and is due smack dab in the middle of Vision Expo West. We would love to check out East, and have been struggling with the cost since we are a non-profit. If we have our hotel paid for, it would help tremendously. My favorite memory was last year’s Vision Expo West, since it was my first of many trade shows. We accomplished so much during those 3 days, and learned a lot from various vendors. The education portion was great. Also, seeing Randy Jackson in the flesh was awesome! Thank you SO MUCH!

  5. I just started working for a ophthalmologist/optometrist practice that has a really outdated optical, the frames are very out of style and over all the optical part isn’t doing well. As a young OD I have been given the responsibility of building the optical and stocking it with newer frames and basically giving it a makeover. I feel that trade shows are the best source of new stylish frames. By going to Vision Expo I can have access to so many different brands and styles in one place. I plan on bringing my optician and other staff in charge of sales to show them what Vision Expo is all about and hopefully have them come every year to keep up to date with the forever changing eye wear industry.

  6. I would LOVE to attend Vision Expo as I have yet to do that in my 11+ career in the optical field! I would be interested in learning any advancements in the Vision Therapy field as well as low vision. And NEW YORK!!! Awesome.

  7. The best comprehensive conference for optometrists seeking top notch education along with the chance to meet with every type of vendor needed to run a successful practice in today’s market – all in the best city in the world! I never miss it!

  8. Hi there,
    my name is Constanze and I am from Germany. Winning the 3 nights would be great for our budget, but the most wonderful thing is that I could see my friend again! We met a few years ago at a show in Frankfurt and had a detailed talk. Then we met again at a show in San Francisco and she invited me for a drink after the show. But first we visited a Chinese Beauty-Parlor for a great foot massage – since then we are best friends. We have met at so many places already (well, SF is our favorite place) but never made it together to NY. This would be a premiere and if you could support our friendship that’ll be wonderful! Thank you!

  9. I’ve never been! I’ve been in the industry for 13 years and just opened up my own independent optical boutique over the summer; money is tight and this would be an amazing help as I would love to meet with certain frame reps and see their products in person as opposed to through a computer!

  10. It would be fantastic to win 3 night at VEE (especially for this Canadian girl dealing with a weak dollar). Best show in North America.
    A must attend for our industry to thrive and compete on today’s market.

  11. Hello,

    I would love the opportunity to visit Vision Expo East 2015. I love being an optician and would like nothing else but to immerse myself in the world of optics at any chance I can get. Vision Expo West 2014 Las Vegas was a blast and I am left just craving more!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Frank B.

  12. I just finished my first complete year as a private practice owner. I bought an existing practice, and I have worked hard to bring new styles to my frame boards. I am thrilled to be going to New York City for the first time in March, and I cannot wait to visit the ‘mother ship’ of all things optical!

    If I win a free hotel stay, I could increase my budget for frame purchasing. 🙂

    Good luck to all other contestants. See you in the Big Apple!

  13. Since I have opened my own shop 5 years ago, I have not had the opportunity or the funds to go to either of the Vision Expo’s. I have always wanted to attend VEE because I have heard that it has much more to offer. I am always looking for unique frames to carry in my shop so that I can offer what most Dr’s offices don’t have. This would be a great way to see my business grow the way I envision it.

  14. Count me in to win! This west coast guy has loved going to Vegas for VEW, I’d love a chance to go to VEE!

  15. As a seasoned optician of almost 15 years, I always continue to grow professionally at every show I attend. I enjoy seeing the latest and greatest in eyewear, and technology, and learning about new trends and patient care. Most importantly I appreciate being around so many of my peers that appreciate fine eyewear and the eyecare profession as much as I do. Coming from a state where certification is not a requirement opticians come from all different levels of education and experience. Unfortunately, most only work part-time and do not plan on staying in the industry. I enjoy Vision Expo as a place to meet people who enjoy being an optician as much as I do! Please pick me, as I would make the most of the experience given to me!

  16. As an Industry Professional for decades it has all come down to living in paradise. However, my new office is STILL learning the ropes of how it all comes together, best. Being able to take my younger protege to Vision Expo East would put icing on the cake. Looking forward to winning! Let us go!! Thanks as always. Von

  17. I love Vision Expo !!! As a former New Yorker, I understand how big the Jacob Javits venue is. My favorite memory is when I went with a newbie co-worker. She tried to be cute by wearing only heels. She spent the entire convention, walking around barefoot, with her pumps in her hands.
    Moral of the story…WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES !!!

    John D.

  18. I first went to Vision Expo as low level assistant. left there knowing I wanted to be a licensed Optician. The next time I went (as an apprentice Optician), I was motivated to be a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant. Meeting with your peers at Vision Expo leaves you wanting more. You go back to your office feeling recharged, smarter, and ready to take the next step in your career.

  19. Thank you for putting together such a great learning experience for some very lucky person! Your posts & site are such an inspiration & totally fun! Having been in the industry for over 30 years it would be an amazing trip to be able to see frames, vendors and to do some networking it would an adventure to finally see NY & to meet others from all over the world in our industry! After taking on the Secretary position of the Nothern Plains Eye Foundation Board, I think going to a VisionExpo would be a fantastic place to bring back ideas for growth not only for the foundation but our office, too. Stay totally awesome!!!

  20. I do the frame purchasing for a large practice. I just recently started putting in independent lines. I have never been to VEE or VEW. As opticians in a busy practice it’s very difficult to go to shows because we are always working! I have heard that VEE is the show of all shows! I have never been to NY so I would love to go this year!!!!

  21. I attend VEE faithfully every year. It is the best way for me to learn the newest technology available for my practice. I also save a ton of money for my practice by making frame and equipment purchases at the show. I reply on those show specials for great deals and I’m never disappointed.

  22. I have been a loyal Vision Expo attendee for 8 years. I started out in the Optical field not knowing if it was really for me but after the first Expo I was hooked. The teachers and classes are outstanding and I have learned so much. I enjoy going on the floor and seeing all the new frames and technology that can benefit my patients. This year due to the cost our office will not be sending us and I am heart broken. I am able to pay for my own classes but the expense of 3 nights at a Hotel may not be an option for me. I would be grateful for a chance to win so I can be a 9th year attendee. Thank You.

  23. Visiting Vision expo east is a treat! Of course one would feel overwhelmed with excitement, and fright all at the same time. The amount of change in this industry is a constant never ending need for education, and I love every minute of it. I have been in the optical industry forgoing on 10 years and I am only 35. I control inventory coming in and am the assistant Frame buyer. It has been great experience and I really don’t see my self doing anything else. Vision expo east is at a perfect time when our practice is a little slower. It would be a blessing to be able to experience this Years Vision expo with a co worker!!

    Good luck to all the people leaving comments it will be a blast!

  24. Hi my name is Christopher my family’s been in the eye business as long as I can remember, being as young as 10 years old starting to go to the vision expo east with my father and they getting into the family business and learning sales customer service ,ordering lenses all different kinds of new lenses out of there and of course also the new versions of, contact lenses.and of course loving education I take into the classes at the vision expo from all branches of different ways of dealing with customers, to learning new ways of selling the product and understanding consumer. Other classes were interesting were at the learning understanding of insurance and how different United States is some other countries.and going over all different ways of the eye exams vision and medical and of course co-pays. And all different ways as doctors or as the optometrist cements to insurance rge.it is sad to say I have to mention how much people’s green and big corporation have charge the little people so much but the variety are the vision expo is gone recently smaller due to cost and inflation and the economy. But why I should win three nights is that I’ve been visiting and learning and buying from corporations at the vision expo east since I was little about 10 years old and I am 27 now I am in loving and enjoying the vision expo east for my families being in the business of giving great I eye care .since my family started in 1976. I’ve only been nothing but trying to learn the trade and seed and do well for the company’s name at pearl vision center. I devoted myself to learning and participating at vision expo and that’s why think I deserve to win three night free stay.that’s my story and background of all the good times of vision expo.also can’t stop talking about how many products are fine from consumers at vision expo.

    Silly Christopher Bojar sales, contact lens specialist

  25. I have been in the eye care profession for 13 years. I have worked as an ophthalmic assistant, optician and an optometrist. I attended trade shows and conferences in India where I was studying to become an optometrist. I don’t have any funny memory of it but I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s a great platform to learn, share and mingle with the best and accomplished people in the industry. Currently I am working as an LDO in Washington since my Optometry education didn’t get transferred over here. The conference will hopefully give me an opportunity to evaluate my various option in the industry, get inspired and motivate me to advance my career here.

    Good Luck to everyone!

  26. I have never been to VEE or to New York. I have always heard how fabulous this meeting is and hope to attend this year. What a great venue to look at the World’s best frames in the World’s most electric city. Hope to se you there.

  27. I am currently a second year optometry student at MCPHS school of optometry. I would love to attend Vision Expo East in NY, last year was the first time I attended vision expo and fell in love with optometry all over again. Going to vision expo reminded me why I chose this profession in the first place and how much I am looking forward to graduating and practicing as an OD. As a student it is usually difficult to attend many of the optometry related seminars and events which is why I it would be great to have some help to attend vision expo.I am passionate about optometry and it is always amazing to be a part of the professional world and see the vendors and new research/technology.

  28. My first Vision Expo was completely overwhelming and ultimately an amazing confirmation that I was making the correct career choice! I went with my (now) father-in-law, who was a wonderful mentor for me and encouraged me to become an optometrist… even before I met and married his son 🙂 We’ve gone to Expo East together every year since then, and drag my husband along now too… although we’ve never stayed in one of the hotels overnight. I’m registered already and I’m taking some of the CE classes, and I’d love to stay for free so we can experience the whole weekend! Thanks for your consideration!

  29. I have only been to VEE once in my almost 19 years of practice…and, I live in upstate NY. Almost 3 yrs ago, I opened my practice…cold. Unfortunately, it is now closed due to several circumstances. However, since opening there was very minimal paycheck and since closing I have been trying to play catch-up. I would love a long-awaited trip back to NYC for some fantastic, top-notch continuing ed. Thank you for the chance!

  30. Representing the East Side!! I attended last year and it was an eye opener. Im glad I made the decision to expose myself more to the realm of Optometry as well as other visionary disciplines. I was amazed at how all aspects of vision came together and it was both a fun and exciting experience. It is so important to network and participate in such events outside of studying and school. This is an opportunity to embrace the culture, OUR culture, and propel ourselves into the real world and get a little taste of our future. Stepping foot into VEE is like an adventure, taking you to places of cutting edge technology mixed with high fashion while giving you champagne breaks! Meeting optometry students from other schools was awesome and getting free stuff is a bonus! New York I’m ready for you!!

  31. My name is Tiffany and I am SO excited to join the optical world. I was a teacher for 5+ years and decided to join the optical industry in September of last year. I am so blessed to be a part of Thomas Eye Center in Athens, Ga where we specialize in exceeding every need & expectation of our patients. I am considered a “millennial” and a “newbie” to this industry, so I have a lot to learn! I would love nothing more than to represent Dr. Thomas and my team at the Vision Expo. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  32. Attending Vision Expo East last year for the first time was overwhelming and exhilarating. Could an old-timer returning to the work-force in a new industry possibly absorb enough knowledge so that she could make her new employer — a small, local optometric practice — the best that it could be? Dreaming big .. Digital Marketing, Fashion-forward Retail Products and accessories, Eye-Catching Point of Purchase Displays, Boutique Customer Service, Insurance Coverage . . .I had a lot on my plate to accomplish.

    OH WOW! Walking through those Expo doors was an “Eye Opener”! There was music… there were celebrities … there were food and cocktails! Oh yeah, and there were so many great classes and vendors to learn from. I just could not get enough in just one day, no matter how much I had planned in advance.

    I would love the opportunity to attend the Vision Expo for more than just one day. Budget constraints however, preclude me from staying the night unless you can help me out. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  33. I went to Vision Expo for the first time last year, and it blew my mind how excited it made me feel about optical. It is by far my favorite exhibit hall to walk through, between free make up done by Bobbi Brown, free champagne, and the vast array of frames from all across the world cannot compare to any other conference.
    I would love to re-spark that enthusiasm for eye wear in me, especially since optical is not taught a lot in optometry school, this is a great avenue to expand my knowledge in it.

  34. For us, getting to Vision Expo hasn’t always been easy. However, it is always worth the trip. The first year that my colleague Monica and I attended Vision Expo, we decided it would be simplest to take a bus. We were scheduled to meet the MegaBus at the Park and Ride at White Marsh Mall. How hard could this be? Clearly, it was more difficult than I realized. My colleague, Monica, was familiar with the location. We arrived early, but something was off. The bus lot felt deserted and the bus was late. We suddenly realized we were on the wrong side of White Marsh Mall. We quickly headed to the correct departure point, only to see our bus pulling out of the parking lot. We failed in our attempts to wave down the bus driver, but we weren’t worried yet. The bus was scheduled to make another pick up in Newark, Delaware. Therefore, we made the choice to follow the bus up the I-95. Our intention was to board in Delaware. Now sometime the best-laid plans don’t deliver, or in this case stop. Evidently, the bus was full and didn’t make the Newark, DE stop as planned.
    Now what, we didn’t want to give up. We were looking forward to attending Vision Expo. Nevertheless, what do we do? We can drive, but that really wasn’t a great choice. We could continue to North Jersey and take the train into NYC or we could stop and pick up another bus in Wilmington DE. Choosing the Wilmington DE option, we thought fate was on our side. As we walked into the terminal to purchase our tickets, we learned the next Greyhound bus was leaving in five minutes. They waited for us to board and we again were off to Vision Expo. Our excitement grew, but it was short-lived. The bus broke down on the NJ Turnpike.
    Yes, we were beginning to think we would never make it to Vision Expo. The bus driver explained that we would have to wait for them to send a bus to pick us all up. It could be another two hours before it arrived. Our hearts sank. Scheduled to attend training sessions at noon, we were saddened to realize we were going to miss our education seminars. We learn so much each year at Vision Expo; we didn’t want to miss a minute of the educational opportunities. We were disappointed, but we couldn’t walk to NYC. We had no choice but to wait.
    Less than 15 minutes after the bus broke down, the bus driver announced that a competitor’s company Bolt Bus had space and offered to pick up the passengers on the Greyhound. Now what? Do we wait it out or just take a chance and board the third bus in our journey? We opted to take a chance. At this point, could it possibly get worse? Disembarking from the Greyhound bus, which was in the middle of the Jersey Turnpike, we collected our luggage from the bus’ storage area, hopped over a jersey wall barrier, walk 500 feet and then hopped back over the jersey wall to board the Bolt Bus.
    Again, we were off. On the bus, we met two men who were also traveling to Vision Expo. They were going to Vision Expo to demo Google Eyeglasses for use by local law enforcement. Our trip may have been crazy, but it provided us the opportunity to learn about new technology. After all that is a part of what Vision Expo is all about. Time passed quickly, as we learned about the new technology.
    Suddenly we were in the Big Apple, without any idea as to where the bus was going to drop us off. By this point, we felt we could handle anything. The bus came to a stop directly across the street from the Javits Center. Not only had we finally made it to the Javits Center, the bus driver dropped off at the front door. We were closer to the Javits Center then we would have been if we had traveled on the original bus. We arrived 10 minutes earlier and were able to make it to our first CE class with time to spare. Just know, at Advanced Eye Care, when we say Vision Expo is always worth the trip, we mean it.

  35. Vision Expo has been one of the top ranking shows I attend almost every year. If I don’t go to the show, I must have already purchased everything I needed for the year or I just can’t get away. Vision Expo is always filled with great vendors, excellent OD Continuing Education courses that are COPE approved and best of all, to reconnect with colleagues from around the country.
    Winning a 3 night stay would allow me to stay longer, spend more at the show and recharge my batteries from the day to day life in my practice.

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