EyeCare Fun Events- Red Hat Society Party

Photo:Mike krzeszak

I am sure many of you have seen the Red Hat Ladies.  For those who dont’ know, if you see a group of ladies wearing red hats and purple accessories, they are known as the Red Hat Society. If you do run across them, engage them in conversation because this amazing group of 50+ year old women like to have fun and have a enthusiasm for life that most of us could emulate. The Pink Hatters are younger than 50.

This enormous group has grown considerably since their inception in 2001 and even have their own convention (s) This is the largest women’s social group in the world

Eye Bogglers

  • July 2010 over 50,000 registered members
  • 24,000 Chapters in the USA
  • In 25 Different Countries

An enterprising person opened a website called the The Red Hat Society Store which has all sorts of fun red,

Red Reader From Hilco

purple and pink accessories, jewelry, apparel and eyewear especially for the Red Hat Ladies. All of that got me to thinking, why not have a Red Hat Society Party or event in your office? How fun would that be!  theses ladies are a kick, you could decorate with all sorts of red and purple decoration and eyewear and accessories, make up a purple drink and red cookies (or my personal favorite, RED Velvet Cake) and just have a really good time.

Our picks for Red and Purple Decor!

Lulu Guiness In Red
Natori In Purple
BCBG In Red and Purple
Espirit in Red

How fun could that be? A Red Hat Party, meet some new friends and hopefully new customers.

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