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When we ran our post Comments are Important, we realized that there were many topics that our readers wanted to know about and we may not be always the best resource as much as we try. That is where optical forums come in. Optical- Eyecare Forums are a give-take discussion on all sorts of topics relating to the optical industry. The biggest advantage is you can post a specific topic i.e. a contact lens complaint and up to 30 people can answer you with 30 different choices of how to deal with the problem and get an immediate response.

Before you think- UGH one more thing- Forums are easy- patient comes in needs a Dive Mask with prism- you go on OptiBoard and post the question, have contact lens troubleshooting question, post on a Forum, have a question on technology as related to testing and eye exams, post on forum, want to know something about edgers, post on forum and 99% of the time you will receive at least 1 response if not more within 24 hours. Most of your questions are not new, someone, somewhere has answers, that is the beauty of forums.

OptiForum- Buy and Sell Equipment, Forum, and Lab Rats

Optical Industry Forums

  • OptiBoard– Forum based blog for opticians, although quite a few optometrists and ophthalmologist are on the forum. Free to join, jobs, speakers, forums, dispensing tips and classifieds. This is one of the oldest forums with alot of active members who are not shy about participating.
  • Eye Coalition– New Forum, Free to join – another connection for the optical industry professions, jobs are posted, resumes uploaded. We encourage everyone to become a member and start participating.
  • Optical News Daily Community– New forum as well. Community Forum for optical industry professionals.
  • The Optom– Forum based site in the UK , free to join.
  • ODWire – Forums and classified ads
  • SOVOTO– Website with forum for Vision Therapy.
  • Laramy K Forum– Sponsored by Laramy K (Lab) offers everything from education to business development.
  • AOA Connect– American Optometric Association new forum for optometric professionals
  • OptiForum– Old Forum which has several categories. 1.)Buying and selling optical equipment, 2.) General discussion, 3.) Lab technicians 4.) Industry News

Consumer Forums

We try to answer all questions and try to provide solutions and ideas on sales and marketing for eyecare professionals, but our readers and other optical professionals are founts of excellent tips and information we recommend networking with them as well.

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