EyeCare-Face to Face Networking



Despite all the Social Media-eye-zing -face to face person networking is crucial to the success of your optical office. Meeting new people is productive and you can have fun as well. Not all networking has to be about business. As a small business owner, face to face meetings can help you discuss mutual problems, come to solutions and network for future business and referrals. Remember- people refer people who they know and trust.

If you are interested in face to face networking, consider some of these interesting sites:

Meet-ups- Their motto is: Do something. Learn something. Share something. Change something. They have everything from trash picking, business, quilting and more. You plug in your zip code and interest all sorts of interests come up. (San Diego 1458 meet up groups)

Gary’s Guide– Business Event Calendar in the world (tax write-off?) covering events in technology, media, finance, healthcare, biotech, legal and more.)

Face to Face Networking (New York)

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