Eyecare Events: Start A Book Club For Reading, Health And Engagement

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My Little Free Library made from salvaged materials

In honor of National Reading Group Month in October, we thought we would introduce a new concept to eyecare professionals: Start a Book Club.

Awhile ago, I posted on putting up a Little Free Library in or outside your office. I did it in front of my house and I can’t tell you the number of people that come by, comment, leave notes and books. It has helped to build our little community, meet neighbors and to some extent, it has become a Hot Spot, inspiring people to read and share.

The next step from that Library is to start a Book Club. Most likely some of your employees and patients are in book clubs. In my short little block of 20 houses, at least 7 of those houses are involved in at least 1 book club. Estimates range that over 5 million people are involved in a book club, whether in person or online. Goodreads (Amazon) say they have 25 million members. Oprah’s Book says they have 2 Million members. That is a lot of people and potential people (patients) that you can engage in on Facebook and other social media platforms.

While the majority of people seem to meet in a restaurant or at home to discuss the book of the month, in a recent survey by BookBrowse 89% of women interviewed belong to a book club and 17% of women belong to a book club online. So why not start a ‘Eye Care About Bookclubs’ with your patients and staff? It is free and easy to do. Make an announcement via Facebook, your website “Book Of The Month”, set up a date to start the discussion. That discussion can also be on Twitter.

Benefits of Reading And Book Clubs

  • Reading and Book Clubs boosts engagement and discussions.
  • Reading is inspirational, helping us expand our horizons.
  • Reading is informational and promote learning.
  • Reading can improve health
  • Reading is fun
  • Reading relieves stress
  • Book Clubs promote community, communication and friendship

Benefits of Book Clubs For EyeCare Professionals

  • Promotes Reading which in turn should promote eye exams.
  • Promotes Engagement with your patients and potential patients.
  • Gives you something to talk about.
  • Builds teamwork and community with both staff and patients.
  • Newsworthy
  • Helps to compete with both online and brick and mortar stores.



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