Eyecare Events: Nine Eye Chart Cakes For National Cake Day


National Cake Day is November 26, a day in which we celebrate one of our favorite food of all time CAKE! The word cake comes from Norse word kaka, which means a baked flour confection. Cakes goes back thousands of years and was like bread then and made with honey. Fruits and nuts were added in. Cake historians say the first cakes with icing were made around the 17th century, when ovens became reliable.

National Cake Day could be a fun and fattening way to increase your likes on Facebook by posting some of your favorite cake recipes.  Ask your patients what is their favorite cakes. If you are really inspired, why not have a ‘Cake Show’ along with a trunk show on that day. Invite your patients in to ‘vote’ on their favorite cake.

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Another thought is to post some eye-healthy alternatives to cake. You can find Gluten Free Cake recipes, Low Fat Cakes  here on Pinterest.

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Eyeball cakes, optician cakes, eyeglass cakes and eye doctor cakes can be easy and fun to make. We are featuring eye-chart cakes today… which is giving me craving for Red Velvet Cake. What is your favorite cake?

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Found on kiddiekupcakes.blogspot.com


For more Eyecare Cake Ideas, please visit our Pinterest board: Food Fun  

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