EyeCare Events- National Hugging Day January 21


National Hugging Day is January 21

I watched this video and it made me tear up but got to thinking about the value of hugs, how we all need them and how good it makes us feel.

Eye Bogglers

  • Hugging helps the body’s immune system
  • Hugging cures depression
  • Hugging reduces stress
  • Hugging induces sleep
  • Hugging can prolong life
  • Hugging is FREE
  • Hugging is organic

There is also an organization called Free Hugs Campaign, started by Juan Mann, who wanted to spread the message of human touch in our lives of disconnection.

My thought was, what if- you put a sign out on the door and said ‘FREE HUGS TODAY’- what would happen? Would strangers come in and ask for a hug? Would you get noticed? Would that person who needed human touch come in and thank you?  If you think about it, how many online retailers can offer the basic of all- human touch.

The National Hugging Day is January 21, 2011 you can visit them here: National Hugging Day. According to the siteL


  • Tessla Queen, creator of this character, “Hug Me” bing This image started to be passed around the Internet in a frenzy on tagged.com for “National Cuddle Day,” an outgrowth of National Hugging Day, where the traffic reached 3.5 million hits in the month. www.bingtopia.com Design Copyright Tessla Queen
  • Jeff Ondash, AKA “Teddy McHuggin, Ohio” Jeff created this character and earned a place in the Guinness World Book of Records for the most hugs in an hour (1205 in 2008).  This year,  Jeff broke the world record for the most hugs in a 24 hour period February 14, 2010 in Las Vegas with 7,777.  Google him for more information and photos!!!
  • Jody Hagedorn, Certified Reflexologist and Professional Encourager, Eau Claire, WI Jody greets everyone she meets with an authentic hug. Sometimes asking permission to exchange a hug, and most of the time, just reaching out and hugging.
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