Eyecare Events: Fundraising for World Giraffe Day


Who does not like Giraffes? These exceeding tall, long necked and mellow animals actually have a special day just for them. World Giraffe Day is June 21st of every year. Sadly do to a variety of reasons, lack of habitat, poachers and more there are only about 100,000 Giraffes left in the wild.

When I saw these Giraffe OptiPets, I thought, you know what an eyecare professional could do? Put up a ‘set of these 18 inch stuffed animals, with a Giraffe piggy bank and a contribute to Giraffe Conservation and maybe match the funds?  They are cut and saleable, one can use for display and resale.


More information on Giraffes at: Giraffe Conservation

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