Eyecare Contests For Optical Professionals-Fun and Motivating


Many eyecare offices don’t like spiffs and contests in their office. I think I have heard every objection in the book from ‘it’s unprofessional’ they are ‘not fair to all employees’, we don’t allow freebies and we don’t want the focus on only one product when we have alot of other products to sell. While I can agree with some of the above, there is nothing like a contest to add a little spice and fun into the office. Coming into summer is one of the hardest time to go to work,  long days, the kids are off, people are vacations to fun places and your stuck in the office doing the same ole thing, staring out windows and day dreaming. Why not consider getting involved in some sort of contest or allow your staff to participate in winning anything from a trip to an iPad.

In answer to some of the objections- first you can make spiffs or contest entries a part of the whole office. Drawing names out of a hat at a staff meeting, a reward for an employee of the month are just a few ways you can reward eyecare staff with some of your contest winnings. For staff just to let you know, depending on state, city and county laws, any winnings on the job might belong to your employer, so it’s best if you get the OK first if you are going to participate, especially when it comes to spiff programs.

That said I thought we would give everyone a quick rundown of contests that are currently available from our sponsors. Do you think it would be tacky for me to enter to win the iPad, I really want one!

Zyloware Promotion for Free iPad Giveaway

Zyloware is offering a free iPad

Extreme Makeover- Visionease and Fashion Optical Display

Vision Ease with Fashion Optical Display offering a Extreme Makeover Promo. By participating in the program, you get an entry in to Fashion Optical’s up to $5,000 free sun makeover.

Signet Armorlite- Win A Trip To Hollywood

Signet Armorlite’s Trip to the Kodak Theater in Hollywood ends June 30th.


  • iCoat– ongoing reward program
  • OptiCote- Ongoing reward program
  • Tura Rewards– Ongoing
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