Eye-tasctic Eye Hotels


Hotels have gotten more specialized. You can sleep in salt hotels (Boliva), Ice Hotels, Igloos, Tree Houses, castles, teepees and lighthouses. You can glamp (glamour camping), sleep in railroad cars, in prisons, in caves, underwater or houses built out of trash. Want to sleep in a bat cave or with Hello Kitty. you got it.


Now eye-fanatics can sleep at the Eye Hotel. The Eye Hotel in the Netherlands is in a historical building and features an ‘Eye For Detail’ decor.. meaning there are eyeballs and eye charts over the beds and bits of pieces of eyeball and eyechart decor through the hotel.


Eye Hotel

If you are looking for some optical fun.. you might feast your eyes and take an eye-trip to the Netherlands to see the eye-catching Eye Hotel.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage