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The other day, I was speaking with an optometrist office manager about their Facebook page. They weren’t getting any LIKES and didn’t quite know what to put on their page. She had ‘tasked’ one of the opticians to go on Facebook everyday and but something up. The page was boring and you can’t find it.  (Another story) they only used 1 resource for their posts. Not only that, but what was being put up, did not inspire consumers to come to their office or even to purchase.

It was all on eye health, (nothing wrong with that) but nothing on contact lens, eyewear, nutraceuticals and their community events they participate in. No photos.

This office is a typical eyecare office. As an established practice, they are busy all day, no one in the office is social media or ‘internet inclined’ to find useful things to post. This is also an office that involved in their community, yet doesn’t ‘do events such as trunk shows’.

The question came up, what we do we put on Facebook?

There are no set answers, as it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

  • Are you using Facebook to get appointments, have a bigger reach in your community?
  • Are you using Facebook to engage your patients? Like asking for feedback? Asking for comments?, posting pictures
  • Are you using Facebook to communicate with your patients?
  • Are you using Facebook to showcase products and services?
  • Are you using Facebook to ‘humanize’ and personalize your office. Do you want to post serious or fun?

In truth, it is probably a little of all of the above. In the case of this office, they care, but they don’t care, if that makes any sense. So if you are like ‘DOC Anon’, here are some suggestions.

1.) Set up a schedule on what you post at least 5x a week. Example: Monday- Contact Lens update Tuesday: Eyewear Wednesday: Accessories Thursday… Event. This will keep you on track so that any information coming in gets bookmarked for a Facebook post.

2.) Subscribe to your vendors news, blogs or industry and fashion blogs or press. When a product comes up that you carry, you can post that on Facebook.

Some Examples Of What You Can Put on Facebook: Of course you want what you are putting on Facebook should be a product line you carry. Because you want to say, WE HAVE IT Here! .

You are carrying 3D Eyewear and want to promote in a soft sell way: A post like this

You can also do Events:

Eyewear is a huge topic and a major source of income.  On Thursdays perhaps you can do Thursday Eyewear Trends and do a post on:

We know celebrity fashion is huge, and why not say: Brad Pitt Wears This And You Can Too! We have it in Stock!

  • You can share celebrity pics on Facebook. through Eyecessorize Facebook page

Another thing you can do is offer engaging and interactive contests to your patients;

If you are doing your own Edging or lab work, you can do a post like this

Selling Nutraceuticals? 

Attending a Trade Show?

  • Why not take photos the surrounding area, tell people what you are learning about, I just took the Glaucoma Certification Class And Passed At Monterey Symposium
  • We will be closed on Wednesday morning for an education on new Lens Options..

All of the above have great content and interesting products and or services that you can share on your Facebook. Pretty much all you have to do is LIKE or Friend them and make sure you subscribe and get their feeds. That way all you have to do is click SHARE.

As much as we would like to think it is about us (HaHa) it is about sharing. One of the things we have done, going forward is create content to be shared. Optical Vision Resources both the blog and Facebook page are both consumer friendly shareable sites. There are  many sites out there, find a few that your patients and future patients find interesting. And Start Sharing.





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