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Smart Eye Care Center has been a “Best Eye Care” practice for a number of years in Maine, with three stores in Augusta, Bangor, and Farmingdale. One of their opticians, Sandra Sleeper, has been working in the Augusta store for 13 years. She is not only an accomplished optician with ABOC and COP certifications, but according to one of the practice owners, Dr. Jesslin Quint, “an absolute delight to work with”.

She is also an accomplished painter with a wonderful eye for art. She recently completed several paintings that now hang in the Augusta store. We saw them in a post on Facebook and thought many of our readers would love to see the talent some of our fellow optical people possess.

Sandi describes herself as a Maine native who moved to Arizona for 10 years where she fell in love with the Native American culture, eventually leading to a job in an art gallery in Tucson. After 10 years of Arizona sunshine, her family convinced her to move back to Maine where a friend introduced her to the optical world, first in an ophthalmology office and then to Smart Eyecare Center as an optician and now frame buyer too. Art still courses through her veins though as demonstrated by these beautiful paintings.

“I have been drawing and painting since the age of five. I would hide away in my bedroom, listen to my favorite music, and create. I find it a challenge to duplicate images from life and from my mind and get a sense of freedom and control by creating my own world on a piece of paper or canvas.  It is a great way to escape and also to open your mind to the “big picture”.  I enjoy many different styles and mediums but surrealism seems to be the best way to describe my work.  The magical and mysterious, and things of a spiritual or Divine nature that can not be completely explained are most intriguing to me.  Ancient history, astrophysics, sacred geometry, the paranormal, and extraterrestrial life are among my favorite topics to explore. When my mind needs a rest, I love to listen to music with a good glass of wine, or laugh at classic Looney Tunes cartoons with a big bowl of hot buttered popcorn”, says Sandra.

Want to share the custom art in your office with ECP’s? Want to share your artistic talents of that of your staff? Email us and send us some photos. We would love to share your talents with the world.


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