Eye Overheard On The Forums: Friends And Family Discount Policies


The subject comes up over and over, discounts to staff,(see link)  professional discounts (see link)  and now friends and family. What we do know, that you should have a written policy, you should monitor closely. Taking advantage of discount policies is one way employees can steal from you. (See Employee Theft)

Overheard on OD’s on Facebook:

Question: What’s everyone’s Policy for Family, Friends, and Friends and Family discounts of your employees? It is getting confusing because we have a very large staff, and I need to put a policy in writing! Would appreciate everyone’s input. Thanks

  • Immediate family(living under the same roof) wholesale, extended family 20% off retail, friends of family, reg. retail!
  • Immediate family cost plus ten percent. Extended family cost plus 35 percent. Friends pay retail.
  • Cost for immediate family on most frames. Cost plus booze for lenses. Peripheral family gets 25% off.
  • I gave all optical employees free frames and lenses, as many as they wanted. In ophthalmology, techs and other staff received it at cost +20%. Immediate family received 50% off, friends, cousins etc, received 30% off. A friends and family discount goes a long way to reduce internal theft. We did special days where friends and family could come in (when a Dr was on vaca for example) and get 50% off.
  • We do 1 free frame a year, all other products at cost for employees and their immediate families. 50% off retail for extended family and 20-30% off for friends.
  • Used to work for en employer who refused to give his employees anything more than 20% retail. We all knew what everything cost, ESPECIALLY me, because I was the one doing most of the ordering!!! The problem was that he’d flaunt all the crap he’d get his kids and they would just pick out frames and it’d be my job to make lenses FOR FREE. If you wanna be fair to your employees, especially if they know the cost of everything: cost + 10%, and they must get the okay from the employer to get the frames and have them ordered directly from the rep. Every anniversary: get them a free pair. It shouldn’t cost much for the employer to reward their employees, but if you want employees to wear what they’re supposed to sell and reinforce your brand as a dispensary: it shouldn’t be costly to the employee either.
  • Immediate family get 50% off retail, Friends get 20%
  • We do 1 free frame a year, all other products at cost for employees and their immediate families. 50% off retail for extended family and 20-30% off for friends.
  • 1 free per employee per year after the first 6 months. Cost for employee spouses, children or parents. 1/2 off for up to 3 other friends or family members, paid up front only.
  • Employees and their immediate family get cost. “Cost” to employees is determined by whatever deal the reps are willing to pass on. Immediate family “cost” is regular wholesale across the board. Extended family is 30% discount. As many pairs as any of the above want at their price.
  • We have one free frame/lens per employee per year, and then if employees want additional pairs it is at cost to them. For family and friends, each employee is given five 50% off coupons per year for frame and lenses. This way, the employee gets to pick which lucky family member or friend will get the 50% discount.
  • a free pair of clear glasses and a free pair of sunglasses a year per year for the employees. 40% off on clear glasses for direct family and 25% off on sunglasses.
  • The more frames you get on your staff, esp if they can match their clothes to their eyewear, the more eyewear and multiple pairs you will sell. Its hard to sell 2 frames for a patient when Suzy Optician only has 1. The offices with high sales, high capture, and top margins simply wear eyewear, and simply wear a different pair each day.

BIG NONO’s!!!! 

Do not take the free frames given to employees and put on the board

If the employee is given a discount, pass the discount on to the staff.


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