Eye On Mother’s Day Gifts

Astucci Zipper Flower Handbag Case

You know that a lot of guys leave holiday gift shopping until the last minute and are often desperate for ideas on what to give the women in their lives. Eye Care providers you can help out these desperate men with wonderful gift ideas for their mothers and/or mothers of their children. Some of those men will be in an eye care provider environment this week  maybe for their own eyecare needs and they will be in the perfect place to buy eyewear for Mother’s Day.

Ron's Optical Empress

A gift certificate is the safest of course but what would be even better, is to help them pick out some eyewear, sunglasses or accessories.

LBI Feducci San Miguel

I often give eyewear as a gift to my family and friends  for birthdays not just  because I don’t want to buy yet another trinket, tool or sweater but because their eyewear is so boring! It is always well received and nearly everyone says that I selected something more exciting and interesting than they would have thought of themselves. I usually help them with the lens selection as well. I gave two of my nieces their first contact lens experience as a birthday gift.

Peggy in Flair and Kodak Lenses

I have lost count of how many people have received sunglasses for Christmas from me and of course I have given my own mother and mother-in-law eyewear for Mother’s Day.  Here is my mother-in-law in her Optylux Flair frames I gave her the frames for Mother’s day 2010 and Kodak Lenses for her birthday!

Denise Solay Ashanti Golden Buffalo Horn

Eyewear accessories are a very easy gift  choice, from a simple case to a gorgeous eyewear necklace like this one in buffalo horn from Denise Solay Designs. I love it, I want it! Hilco has lots of choice too from beaded to simple metal chains.

Get your eye on Mother’s day gifts and tell the guys to dump the flowers and chocolates and help them buy something much more long lasting, useful and practical yet still fun!

Mother’s Day in the USA, Canada, Australia, India plus many more countries, is this coming Sunday May 8, 2011. Eyewear Cases shown here are by Astucci LBI and Ron’s Optical.


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  1. Ah, what a pretty picture of your mom in our Flair eyewear! She looks great! If she’d like to stop in to update her look or check out sunglasses, we’d love to meet her!
    FYI-We’re having a Mother’s Day sale 😉

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