Eye Need To Know: Stereo Testing And Polarized Glasses

Photo: Stereo Optical

Stereopsis refers to our ability to appreciate depth, or to distinguish the physical distance between objects.  Without depth perception it is difficult to pour water into a glass from a pitcher, appreciate a 3D movie and parallel park a car. An Example: The Stereo Fly Test from Stereo Optical is used to evaluate both gross and fine stereo vision.

A person taking a Stereo Test with polarized glasses will report that the objects look closer to them if they have normal binocular vision.

Question: What do you suppose happens if you turn the test book upside down?

Answer: The same test objects look farther away.  Try it!

Submitted by guest blogger, Rebecca Johnson, Founder of EyeTrain4You, an ophthalmic staff training and development company.  Contact her at Rebecca@EyeTrain4You.com

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