Eye-How To Manage a Rude Customer-Patient

Rude Customers

I have always believed in ‘you can catch more flies with honey’ philosophy , and it has worked in my favor more times than I can count. One thing that always ticks me off is rudeness, but that’s obviously not every-body’s gig. Nobody deserves to be verbally or physically abused.

So here are some quick helpful hints to handling Rude Patients and Customers. I am talking about the customer- patient that is verbally abusive, yelling and screaming.

7 Tips to Manage a Rude Customer

  1. Determine whether the patient really has a screw loose or is just really  sick. Diseases such as tay-sachs, alzheimers, schizophrenia can lead to violent behavior
  2. Firm Up- Let your voice and body language become authoritative and serious. You want to express via body language that you don’t appreciate being yelled at. You are a professional.
  3. Stay calm- no matter how hard it is.
  4. Call Them Out- State clearly and firmly, you are willing to help, but you are not willing to be yelled at. Be very clear that help will come if they can act like a civilized human being.
  5. No compliance from the customer- end the conversation politely but firmly. ‘I would be glad to help you, but cannot do so unless you treat me with respect.
  6. If they calm down- Apologize for the problem and the inconvenience. State you are just as committed to problem solving as they are
  7. Work out the Problem- Communication is established, you are a professional- solve the problem.
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