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Image: Courtesy MLM Success

We are very pleased to bring you our third guest post from Valerie Manso on optical staff training.

Image: Courtesy MLM Success

Topic: A prescription for business success – DRIVE

D      DIRECTION – Set your direction

R      RESPONSIBILITY – Control the controllable

I      IMAGE – How others see you

V     VALUE – Increase your value

E      EVALUATE – Measure and monitor progress

D DIRECTION = Line or course on which something is moving or aimed. You are in the driver’s seat. You elect your direction by setting business and personal goals. Goals must be SMART (Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Realistic; and Time oriented).

R RESPONSIBILITY = Moral or mental accountability; reliability, trustworthiness. In your role as the driver you are responsible for controlling all aspects of your success.

I IMAGE = the public’s perception of a person, product or service. What is your customer’s perception?

  • Take the ‘front door’ challenge. Enter your business using the front door … just like a customer. What do you see? Based on what you see, hear and smell would you trust your eyes to this business?

V VALUE = Relative worth, merit or importance. What value do you bring to each customer?

  • The answer is your technical, fashion and product knowledge.
  • Ongoing do you acquire business related knowledge?
  • Do you share knowledge with customers? This is the value we bring to each and every customer!

E EVALUATE = Determine or set the value of, or amount of; to appraise. That which is measured and monitored gets done. Do you formally evaluate your performance? Even if the business has no measurements you should track your results. In optical retail your measurements might be:

  • Average sale
  • Percentage of multiple pairs; progressives; premium lenses
  • Customer delight comments and notes you receive

 Using these tips will DRIVE you to success.

You can reach Valerie directly via email valmanso@aol.com


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