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Valerie Manso at Shirley's Pleiades Award Event

We are very pleased to welcome Valerie Manso as a guest blogger. We have known and worked with Valerie for a long time. She has been in the optical industry for over 20 years, we knew her first at Sola and later worked with her company Manso Management Resources, Inc. She ran our first OWA POWW workshops, it was fabulous. We really appreciate her training skills so we feel very fortunate that she has agreed to share some articles with us.

Valerie Manso at Shirley's Pleiades Award Event

Here is the first of a series: Topic – Coaching for success – Valerie Manso

In today’s economy it is essential to capitalize on all sales and service opportunities. As a manager or owner of a business you must rely on others to execute your vision for success, maximize sales and deliver superlative customer service. Your role is to “Set People up for Success.”

Question: How do we Set People up for Success?

Answer: Coach

This may appear to be very simple; however like any other skill Coaching requires practice and a game plan. GottaGettaCoach Inc. has developed the F.R.A.M.E. Coaching Model © which is ideal for use in our industry

F – FOCUS each interaction

R – REACT non-judgmentally

A – ASK thought-provoking questions

M – MONITOR progress and learn

E –  ENCOURAGE continued growth

F = FOCUS each interaction with your staff by: Facing issues and concerns; being Open-minded; helping them recognize how they Choose to act and react makes a difference; Unambiguously move forward once a direction has been selected; and finally Solidify the learning by talking about the lessons learned

R = React non-judgmentally: Often a new or inexperienced coach makes others feel like they are being judged. It’s not about whether you agree or disagree with a behavior. The goal is to be objective, yet caring and supportive.

A = Ask thought provoking questions: There are two basic types of questions. Questions that simply gather information, and questions that deepen the learning of the person being asked. The latter category is far more powerful and thought provoking.

M= Monitor progress and learn: One key role of a coach is holding staff accountable for the commitments they make.

E = Encourage continued growth: Good coaches help people to want to continue to move forward and grow. This is accomplished by recognizing victories and championing your people to recover when things don’t go quite right. And even more important, ensuring your staff celebrates successes and failures. Successes for what they enable and failures for what they teach. And this is one of the most important lessons a coach can learn!

You can reach Valerie directly via email valmanso@aol.com


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