Eye Heart Red Eyewear : 12 Spexy Styles That Say I Love You


Hopefully you have put in a great selection of RED Eyewear for Valentines Day. When you think about it, what a great gift- that keeps on giving, unlike roses that die in a week or chocolate while healthy and stress relieving can put on those pounds. Our picks for RED Eyewear perfect for Valentines Day.

ClearVision Optical modified cat-eye with temple detailing.

BCBG Georgina in Wine Laminate From ClearVision Optical

A Rosy Outlook from Optylux. In Plexiglass, great gift for guys to give gals, think of all the money they will save, these roses are for everyday.

Optylux's Ete with Red Roses

Lets not forget about Anna Karlsson Red Rose Eyewear

Retro Eyewear Leader, Best Image Dolabany :  a romantic but slightly nerdy chic look

Best Image Dolabany Style Shroud

Lulu Guinness is known for her hot lips logo, what could be more enticing than this Lulu Guinness from Tura.

Tura Lulu Guinness Style 512

Legre Eyewear, stylish oval shape has a myriad of colors for the women who wants it all.

Legre Style 192

Surfer Chic or better known as Roxy Eyewear from A&A Optical, picks up the ‘street look’ with Red and Black

A&A Optical Roxy Style 3530

Grammy winner Lisa Loeb, adds that diamond touch in her latest eyewear. From Classique Eyewear 

Classique Eyewear, Lisa Loeb Furious Rose

Faith based Eyewear company Eyes of Faith, stained eyeglass brings a Renaissance touch to Valentines Day

Eyes Of Faith Style 1005

A dressy, feminine look with a hint of sparkle from Modern Optical International.

Modern Optical Style A 303

What is more perfect for your Flame? A pair of Flaming Eyewear. From Frieze Frames 

Frieze Frames

XOXO Hugs and Kisses from McGee Group, how much more Valentiny can you get?

McGee XOXO Style Saucy
Charmant Puma in Style 15355


Aspire MidPage June 19


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