Eye-Care Profitability- Affiliate Marketing


Before I start on this subject, I want to stress that 1.) It is important to sell your optical products and services that you currently offer online first. You have already invested in the product. 2.) The only affiliate program we use is Amazon.

An Affiliate Program is basically a program in which an online company allows you to sell their products and services through your website, without having to stock products. It is free to sign up. There are thousands of companies that you can make a commission on just by advertising their products. Some companies run their own affiliate programs and others use such sites as Commision Junction, Share Sales, Link Connector or Link Share.

As an example MyVu Video Eyewear has an affiliate program. Commission Rate is 10%. Lets say, I don’t want to stock the product, yet I want to get some of those  mobile marketing, gadget consumers to come to my site. You can offer it as an affiliate program just by putting an ad or a button on your site.

Another example is NYX Golf. They sell Golf glasses and accessories. Pricing is from $59-$99.00. Maybe you don’t want to offer that price range in your eyecare office or you want to take advantage of add on sales such as golfing accessories. It might be an opportunity to grab the golfing marketing by offering NYX Golf as an affiliate on your site. Aruba Sports also has an affiliate program

The one I like is Eye Glow Readers– actually their affiliate program is not up yet- but people buy readers and this is a eye-catchy little gadget, that I think people will buy.

Your affiliates do not have to be about eyeglasses and eyecare either. Everything from credit card agencies, cosmetics, fashion, Best Buy Glasses, Frames Direct, music, golf ball finders, laundry, cleaners and more. It would make sense to offer health and beauty aids as it does relate to eye health and vision.

Amazon has an affiliate program. A very easy affiliate program (although you don’t make as much money) is to do Book recommendations. The books don’t have to be about eyecare. We did a Jimmy Buffet post and we sold a book. Anytime someone goes on Amazon and orders anything, through your site, you make a commission.

Are you going to make a lot of money? You can if you focus on getting and referring people to your website. It does take some time to set up, but it could be an opportunity to reach out and get and keep patients and add a little cash to your pocketbook.

Aspire MidPage June 19