Eye Care and Body Language


This is what we know:

  • The consumer is shopping online
  • The consumer is shopping for eyeglasses on line.
  • The consumer is shopping for contact lenses online.
  • The consumer is shopping for sunglasses online.
  • It only takes 4 seconds for a person to make a decision about you!

With that, it makes increasingly more and more sense to further your one on one personal customer relations. You can either attract or repel anyone by your body language. The best part, fixing your body language is FREE and doesn’t take long to make new habits to enhance the patient experience. Take some helpful hints on furthering your patient relations by good body language.

Helpful Hints on Better Patient Relation by Body Language

1.) Smile- even if you have to fake it.

2.) Keep your legs – should stand with legs a width apart

  • Legs too close shows lack of confidence
  • Legs too far apart shows lack of inner confidence

3.) Keep People at arms length. Watch personal space.

4.) Stop fiddling with objects or be distracted while someone is talking to you

5.) Hold your Shoulders Back -Stand up straight and hold head high. Slouching is bad for health and makes you look weak.

6.) Stop talking and start listening. Let them share their story and don’t interrupt.

7.) Make eye contact and keep good contact without staring.

8.) Watch the touching. If they touch you, it can be OK to touch them back.

9.) Watch the facial expressions. If they smile, you smile back. Show interest, not boredom.

Body Language Facts

  • Folded Arms- means the person is cold, defensive and standoffish. (Think police and body guards.)
  • Feet- Look at the direction the person’s feet are pointing at. If pointed at the group, they are interested. If pointed at an exit, they want to be someplace else.
  • Eye Contact- If looking all around- they are looking for something more interesting.

This is what I think- practice, practice and practice good body language skills. Solicit feedback from your peers and enhance your customer service so much that your patients love to come to your office because you listen and care about them!

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