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One of the most common questions we get asked is what to post on Facebook, how to get ‘Likes’ or Friends. One of the top ways to get people to “Like’ you is have coupons, run contests, have events all on your Facebook page. Before you begin, check out Facebook’s Rules on running contests.

Facebook makes it easy to run contest check out this link .

What Others Are Doing

*If your office is in a neighborhood, you can link and advertise events that are close to your office. Telling them to come to the event and come on in is a great way to get people to come to your office. Check out Envision Eyecare (310 Likes)

*Natural Eyecare (716 Friends) (Personal Page) Writes about Natural Eyecare, eye health.

Jenny Turner (All Eyes Optometrist) Fairfax, Virginia

*Offering ticket deals, lotto tickets and more for Likes might be a great ideas. ‘We’re giving away concert tickets all summer to our patients through the page. Just one example. We also have online scheduling, reviews, product info, and general news about the practice. – This can vary widely from practice to practice of course.’ (From Optiboard)

*Coupons- most companies now offer some sort of coupons on Facebook

*Trivia Content: General and local is always fun. You can throw out a trivia question and the winner can win a prize. This encourages comments and feeback on Facebook. It engages the customer. You can also put in optical word definitions.

*Many offices are offering ‘Giveaways’ for Likes. Giveaways can be eyewear accessories, free tints, exam discounts and a few more. Check out Advanced Eyecare (454 Likes)

*Nate from Bright Eyes Tampa-(1091 Likes) Ran an Ugly Glasses Contest. Many eyewear companies and retailers are starting to run photo contests. Have your customers post their photos on Facebook. This is great testimonials.

Ada Opticians (Boise, Idaho) posts news and uses games

*Some office like Nestor Van Optician-Optometrist (479 Friends) from Spain, uses his personal page to post videos, news links and music they like

*Linda Farrow has 2 pages since her personal page was filled up (5000 Friends) started a business page (418 Likes), is running a free frame giveaway and posts news about what to eyewear.

*Deatherage Opticians (878 Friends) personal pages, posts neighborhood news and reminders to come in.

*Alan Glazier (1090 Friends) Posts eye health, general news items to engage his friends

*Justin Bazin (879 Friends) posts lots of music videos. He has just opened a business page for Park Slope Eye. He has posted events in his office.

* New Products

What Online Internet Companies are Doing

Eyewear Vendors With some Great Ideas

  • Clearvision Optical (1232 Likes) is very progressive in their Facebook. They are running several customer engagement programs, 1.) Do Good, telling people to share their Do Good Stories 2.) Mothers Day- Sharing their Mom’s memories 3.) Visual merchandising, you could have patients share their favorite designs or even store windows.
  • Eyes of Faith (7579 Likes) Not only gives product updates, shares news, posts people, tells how they are doing.

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