Eye Can’t Believe It – Money for Nothing Virtual Goods


We have been talking a lot about social media and it’s uses for optical marketing, especially Facebook.  But there is a dark side, not as far as optical marketing but what else is being marketed successfully! One of the strangest to me are the  “virtual” products. These virtual products are mainly for games and include imaginary warfare characters, imaginary pets, imaginary families  and more.

It is eyeboggling to me that people are spending money for virtual goods g i.e. money for nothing! Eye Can’t Believe it! They are buying so much nothing that the U.S. market for virtual goods was worth just over $1 billion in 2009 according to Inside Network, a market research firm. Games like Pet Society, which has nearly 20 million active users who make little animals and take care of them. EyePet by Sony is another one and he does have eyeglasses as part of his wardrobe. Now if only we can sell virtual eyeglasses and eyecare to these members!! I am not kidding, there must be a way to get an optical share of that $1 billion!

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Kala Mid Page


  1. Astounding! I wonder what these people spend on eyewear? Our society has some pretty mixed up values, scary….

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