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We are now in our 4th year of blogging and can’t believe we have made it this far. Over the last four years we have learned quite a bit about blogging, what it takes and thought we would share the pros and cons of blogging. First I want to debunk the myth that blogging is dead. It is not, what you are seeing is that websites have changed to a blog format (see-make comment) That essentially is a blog.


  1. It helps you get found in search engines
  2. It helps to build a community
  3. It can help you with getting the word out about your products and services
  4. It is visual- a huge consumer trend.
  5. It helps to build relationships with your patients and future patients.
  6. It helps to compete against online sellers
  7. It helps to communicate issues on eye health issues.
  8. Solicit feedback and comments from your patients.
  9. Keeps your website up to date
  10. Helps you to become an authority
  11. Helps to build keywords and Links
  12. Helps to show your expertise.
  13. You can automatically link your blogs to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social media sites, which grows your web presence.


  1. Takes time- plan on at least 1 hour a week at the minimum – to have any impact the average 1st time blogger spends 5 hours/week blogging.
  2. Human resources- who will write the blog? Who will maintain and learn about blogging?
  3. Must be consistent and write at least 1 article a week if not more. The more you blog the better it is for search engines.
  4. Like any job, it can become a chore..

Should you blog?

The top thing to consider is if you are going to blog- do you have the time? In order to make it work, we highly recommend you make a commitment for 1 year, at least 1 post a week.. A post can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hours to put up. To be most effective we recommend, you learn about widgets, SEO and other ways you can maximize your blog posts.

Eyecare Professionals who blog 

Some examples of how Eyecare Professionals Are blogging:

  • Dr. Beach from Clearview Eyecare recently said “Go Play Outside!” Children who spend a “high” amount of time outdoors are up to 50% less likely to develop nearsightedness overtime! The fact that these guys use a blog to provide useful information to their patients establishes a sense of care instead of just a sale. (VisionWeb blog)
  • The Vision Therapy Center also has a blog that links to their main website, in which they keep up to date weekly. Great information, and let me tell you their Facebook page isn’t bad to look at either – their featured videos tab is creative and informative – just what people like to see on Facebook! (Vision Web Blog)

Opticianado in Toronto, Canada- mixes local news, personal information and new products.

Spectacle Love You, also in Canada has a nice blog in a 3 column format, promoting primarily eyewear.

Gahanna Vision Center in Ohio has a blog and we also follow him on Pinterest. He is using blogspot (google)

Occhiali Optical in Australia has more of an eyewear blog. He is also using blogspot, you can see the same format.

Kyle Weeden OD, in Kansas has a blog. What I like about his blog is how he answers questions like why does the doctor need my personal information. But the background is in black, hard to read on iPads and phones and also he has not updated since June of 2012.

Bruce Eyewear Blog– Note, there is not alot of writing, just big images. To do a post like this takes from 20-30 minutes.

Gogosha Optique’s blog is on Tumblr (Free) has a great blog, not too much writing.

Eyewear Diary– Continues to be a resource for us. Out of Brazil (translator on the site) the focus is branded eyewear with local eyewear suppliers mixed in.

Online Companies With Blogs

  • EyeGoodies- has a nice blog featuring upscale eyewear.
  • Firmoo– Lower end,  Facebook, YouTube and a blog which is a little funky.
  • Just Eyewear  had a great blog which show up in search engines until they were bought by Coastal.
  • Eyewear Daily– Is definitely one of the best eyewear blogs. They are consistent, up-to-date and showcase eyewear as a fashion accessory.

So should you blog? Marketing wise- yes, want to be an aspiring writer- yes.  If you do decide to make a commitment for at least 1 year and do it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. I like how this blog is focused on the business of optometry. I just discovered it (via Twitter) and likely will use it as a resource. I do marketing and help with blog content development for Insight Eyecare in East Texas. Its blog is patient-focused. Thanks for the roundup of other eye care bloggers.

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