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Fashion Optical Display

Eyeglasses  2With our new Affordable Health Care or UHC, (Unaffordable HealthCare) branding is going to become increasingly more important as eye doctors and medical professionals figure out how they are going to make a living. The biggest advantage that you have as an eyecare professional is to appeal to the fashion savvy market. In order to do that…. you have to have the right product, the right staff and the right presentation. That is called Branding:

The definition of Branding: Brand marketing is the method and the means by which you propel your business into the public consciousness. While the world of business has changed by leaps and bounds, the basic principles of brand marketing have remained the same. (About)

You know branding is successful, when you see a swoosh, an apple and you know immediately who the company is. We know Tiffany Blue, we know Pink, we know Red. We know when we purchase any luxury goods, we will get that little extra in branded product back.

Our focus and and highly recommend it be yours as well is to re-look at your branding for 2014. That includes business cards, attire, colors, social media.. all external and internal marketing should reflect your branding. Look at your website, evaluate your logo, what is it that you can propel your business into the public. You can find more ideas on our Pinterest Board Bespectacled Branding .

One little branding tip that is so crucial to eyecare offices is the end presentation. This is the presentation you give to your patient when they are coming to pick their eyewear and contact lenses.

I love this tray prevention by Fashion Optical Display. It has everything that could possibly want. The RX, the case, the sunglass, the eyeglass, the lens cleaner and cloth. I want you to think about this, if you are a consumer and you just spent $400 at a location, what would you prefer- a yucky lab tray, cheap plastic bag or this??

Fashion Optical Display
Fashion Optical Display

After they have purchased and picked their glasses, don’t let them just walk out.. I love these paper bags and especially love the Pretty Things inside with YOUR NAME. . How cool would that be?


This is really hard for me to say, as I hate to kill trees, what I love about these paper bags, is you can pull them out and decorate for the season with tissue paper, pipe cleaners, ribbons and bows.



Invision Distinct Eyewear

Nobody says, you have to just do eyewear.. Love this.. Pretty Things inside.. don’t you just want to look in?


This might be a stretch, but I absolutely think this Eye Safety Concept is phenomenal.  This is a perfect promotional item that includes Sunglasses and Sunscreen. I could see this as a ‘Monthly type of Raffle’ or a giveaway. You can order larger quantities of Sunscreen and brand with your name, add in a Vizini Eyeglass Visor from Rons Optical.

Sun Kit
Sun Kit

We have started to redo our Branding. I can say it is not easy to do. But taking one step at time, will bring about bigger results.

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