Essilor Sun Partners With Scicon


ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™, the Essilor® Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, is proud to announce its new partnership with SCICON, the leader in high-performance bike bags and accessories for riders and active people, for the launch of a premium sunwear range.

The SCN-XT sun lenses will feature NXT® VARIA™ technology, the combination of outstanding material and optimal photochromic control.

  • NXT® material never compromises as it combines the best of mineral lenses’ optimal clarity and the best of organic lenses’ lightweight and impact resistance,
  • VARIA™technology offers fast kinetics to ensure an adjusted visibility in all weather conditions.

The SCN-XT sun lenses have been thought and customized for SCICON. The sunglasses are designed for cyclists, triathletes and active people both in the Performance and Sport Lifestyle categories, each offering a range of options to provide the perfect fit on or off the bike.

‘We analyzed the SCICON proposal and immediately realized that they have everything they need to be able to obtain important results in the sportsunglasses market. Their search for details and pursuit of finding the perfect visual solution finds us in tune and we are looking forward to developing new vision solutions together.” said Christophe Mayet, Marketing VP of Essilor® Sun Solution™.

Claudio Fantin, SCICON Marketing Strategist and eyewear specialist added: “Having spent over 20 years in the sports eyewear sector working with world-class athletes, I’ve learnt every small detail of the production and development process of these products. This experience meant that when SCICON decided to enter this world, working with Essilor® Sun Solution™ NXT® lenses was our priority and we are proud to collaborate with them.”

Essilor® Sun Solution™ is the premium leader in sport and its offer of sun lenses is able to face all the extreme experiences in sport.


About Essilor® Sun Solution™

ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™, the Essilor® Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, is the premium leader in sport. It has over 40 years of expertise and research in the field of sun lenses. Every day, Essilor® Sun Solution™ reinvents the magic of vision in the sun. Much more than ordinary sun lenses, our solutions are at the cutting edge of technology and fashion, to give you an unparalleled optical experience.



High-Performance Eyewear, Bike Bags, and accessories for riders and active people – SCICON was born out of a garage near Bassano del Grappa, the heart of the cycling industry, 1980 to solve the problem of how professional cyclists travel with their bikes. The evolution over time has created a brand which not only solves problems, but inspires adventure around the world. After becoming an icon in the design and production of the world’s best bike travel bags, SCICON became synonymous with a long list of champions. Today, SCICON is the most in-demand brand for athletes who travel with their bike.

Combining a passion to inspire to broaden horizons with an in-house wealth of technical knowledge, expertise and history in the market, the introduction of sports eyewear in 2019 was a logical step. We have created a collection in line with our values ​​of quality, comfort, and obsessive attention to detail. Our commitment is to guarantee perfect clarityvisual comfort and protection. Based near the Cadore valley, the global home of eyewear production, our team of industry experts dedicate their time to look for new technical solutions, performance materials and eye-catching designs to continue making athletes’ lives easier.

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