Eschenbach Announces its Partnership with the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation


Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. announces its new partnership with the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, a leading nonprofit that partners exceptional men and women who are blind or visually impaired with elite German Shepherd guide dogs, providing all clients with increased independence to improve their lives and the world around them.

As a leading manufacturer of vision-enhancing products, Eschenbach’s mission, similar to Fidelco’s, is to provide customers with the tools to improve their safety, productivity, independence, and quality of life, illustrating the natural synergies present in this new and exciting collaboration. Eschenbach vision aids provide individuals who are visually impaired with the technology needed to accomplish their visual goals, such as reading, watching television or any of the many other activities of daily living. Fidelco guide dogs provide exceptional partnerships that empower independence and forever change lives.

The Eschenbach Partner Project consists of a charitable commitment to sponsor breeding, raising and training of a Fidelco German Shepherd guide dog. Eschenbach’s customers, end-users and others will be able to follow the Eschenbach sponsored puppy through its journey from pup to placement as it goes through the puppy training program, becomes an exceptional guide dog and is matched with a remarkable client.  Check out the new Eschenbach Partner Project webpage online at and follow our puppy through its extraordinary journey!


About Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc.

Eschenbach is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality vision-enhancing products that improve the safety, productivity, independence, and quality of life of its customers.  The company offers eyecare and vision rehabilitation professionals numerous diagnostic assortment options as well as training and consultative support, all of which ensure success for their users who need magnification solutions. For more information, please contact Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. at (800) 487-5389 / or visit





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