End of Year Holiday Advice for the Optical Work Place




I was flipping through my latest copy of Pink, a magazine targeted to women in business that the OWA provides its members, and thought that the current advice column had some great Q&A’s regarding the holidays. I would like to share a couple of them with you as they are just as relevant for the optical retailer or any optical business for that matter. Gail Evans writes this column and she is a former executive vice president for CNN and now consults on issues of gender and race for major corporations.

Here is an excerpt from her column:

“Gail Evans answers some pressing holiday questions”

“Q. I’m going on a two-week winter break and am worried about my staff. Will they work or slack off? How can I make sure things go smoothly?

A. If you have major concerns about the quality of work when you’re not present, you need to examine the messages you send to your employees when you are there. I bet that you’re a micro-manager and not very empowering of those who work for you. Make it clear who is in charge in your absence, and leave specific instructions about what needs to be done. Then go, have a good time and replenish yourself. Sounds like you and your employees could use a breather from each other.

Q. Our company likes to donate money to charity for the holidays. Last year we tried to help a single mom with five kids, but some employees objected because they felt she was irresponsible. How can we please everyone?

A. During the holidays, most giving people would want to think about the smiles on the children’s faces, not whether the mother made good life choices. But if you feel it’s important and want to be responsive to the employees who complained, do a company or departmental survey and ask for ideas. Then set up a truly representative employee committee to choose from the ideas proposed and any others management may have. Let the committee’s decision be final.”

Resource: Pink Magazine, www.pinkmagazine.com

Claire Goldsmith MidPage