Employees Make a Business Successful


We have all heard the phrase a company is only as good as its employees but often those employees are not giving their best because they are not appreciated or not well trained, any number of reasons. For employees to make a business successful they must be given the opportunity to give their best.

A company that does this well is U.S. Vision – I know because I have been working with them for my whole optical life! U. S. Vision knows that they have to keep their people motivated and well trained, they could not compete in the cut throat optical chain retail business without them. How do they do it?  I know that communication and appreciation is a big part of it.

US Vision”s “Viewpoint” newsletter recognizes outstanding retail  managers and other members of the company. It  is a vehicle for employees to express their views that focus on company information, pertinent changes, announcements and issues that help customers. Employees comments, input and even disagreements are welcomed. It always has a feelgood story as well as product information and celebrates employees anniversaries, it is amazing how many are in double digits.

US Vision provides great information through another company publication called “Supervisor Support” which I have used many times as a source for this blog e.g. “Hiring Optical Employees – 10 Step Interview Tips” and “Super Vision Tip – Turn Stress in to Success” to name just two.It is a periodic publication sent to supervisors in retail, manufacturing and administration. It is intended to provide ideas and advice to help make the supervisors’ life a little easier. Some ideas are little gems utilized by others in management, while some are more focused toward retail or manufacturing.  It is a sharing of ideas so that everyone in the company can help each other, in other words employees help make the business more successful.

Well trained, happy optical employees lead to well served, happy optical customers regardless of whether you are one independent location or a chain, employees make a difference. It doesn’t matter how good your brands are, or how many plaques there are on on your wall if your employees are not providing great customer service and dispensing skills, none of that really counts.


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